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Search results

  1. Recruiting Spit Fires FS looking for 1 player

    We still have an opening coming up in Spitfires if interested. Thank you
  2. Recruiting Spit Fires FS looking for 1 player

    I have not let anyone go yet so FS shows full still. If interested, or you have any questions, please message me in game. Thank you
  3. Recruiting Spit Fires FS looking for 1 player

    Still looking for that 1 player.
  4. Recruiting Spit Fires FS looking for 1 player

    We are a low stress Fellowship. Looking for a seasoned player that just wants to slow down and enjoy the game. Our only rule is to be kind, considerate and helpful to each other. We manage to get 10+ chests on tourney and gold spire when perks allow. We participate in the FA's to completion...
  5. Are you the right person?

    We still have an opening on Fely. Are we the right FS for you? Give me a shout in game.
  6. Are you the right person?

    Spit Fires on Fely is looking for 1 player. Prefer a seasoned player with elixir boost who is looking for a quieter less demanding home. We usually get 10+ chests and silver with a "run for the gold" when perks allow but participation is not required. We are a fairly quiet, non aggressive...
  7. The Crack Guide to Fighting

    First of all, thank you crackie for all the information and assistance in learning the battle portion. It is very much appreciated. What I still seem unclear about (well the biggest thing lol) is how to know which troop to use. Example is mages. How do I know which one is really the best...
  8. Not Receiving Newsletters

    There is no way that they are not in touch with the outside source and that these things are "permanent" unless that is Inno's decision. That would be a shame because it could/should be an easy fix. The less they do for their players I'm afraid, the more they will leave and that would also be...
  9. Not Receiving Newsletters

    I wonder why that outside source cant be contacted so they can change it. If thats what happened I didnt do it knowingly lol
  10. Not Receiving Newsletters

    up until this year, I received them on all my accounts. @free-spirit - If that were the case, how do I fix it?
  11. Not Receiving Newsletters

    Receive e-mails is checked. push notifications is not as I dont play on mobile. thank you. that was one of the first things I checked before putting in a ticket.
  12. Not Receiving Newsletters

    I'm hoping someone can help or direct me to where I need to go. I have not received any of the newsletters this year. I put in a ticket on each event and we have been through all the usual checks. I have changed my email account with another of my cities and this city still doesnt receive it...
  13. Spit Fires has 1 opening

    Looking for someone with Crystal and or Elixir for boosted goods. A seasoned player who is ready to just chill a little. We are laid back without a lot of rules except to be kind and considerate to each other.. We complete 10+ chests weekly and try for gold spire once a month. If you want to...
  14. Creating more troops than you will ever need...

    At one time, I think it was that you got "extra" for doing 10 in full but that would have been a long time ago lol. thank you for the update. havent really thought about it recently until I saw this post.
  15. Creating more troops than you will ever need...

    Is it still true that you get extra rewards for completing 10 provinces in full?
  16. Perks Reset

    Thank you everyone. It wasnt clear in the original write up that resetting them doesnt change that you've reached level 10. If I'm understanding correctly once thats happened thats all you can do with that area as far as perks go?
  17. Perks Reset

    Thank you. Now each area has a limit. If you hit that limit than thats all you can put in? Say you hit the limit on spire, that means you cant put anymore perks in the spire. Is that forever or does it go back down as you use them?
  18. Perks Reset

    Could someone please explain a little better what the reset does and when you would use it?
  19. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    @Deborah M I built up my Ascended goods before I started. I Looked ahead to see how much I would need as it needs quite a bit. White and black magic you can make form PP spells and lots of mana or seeds to make the creatures.
  20. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    @sam767 : I didnt have an issue there. I've also never had an issue with support not getting back to me. On the quest list I used, its quest # 61 that needs 4 workshops to level 43? Unless they have changed them.