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Search results

  1. l80lawna

    Graywolf Village wants 5-6 daily players. merge ships?

    Hello and Good Day! Graywolf Village is currently looking for 5 or 6 daily players. Bring your small fellowship, or just bring your best-est self. some of us are chatty, some are not, but we all trade fair and rock the tournaments. We do a tourny push and a spire push monthly. we have been...
  2. l80lawna

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    Wish I'd had the chance to get to know you better Helya. Thanks for all your help. Wishing you health, wealth and adventure, stay merry! ~~~L80Lawna
  3. l80lawna

    We should get more diamonds a bit easier

    So are you still playing? I hope so, it gets better as it goes along. Just be patient and enjoy the game that it is. Happy Gaming :)
  4. l80lawna

    Join Active Fellowship

    I miss you Sir Bently
  5. l80lawna

    Come Play With Me ~ Two Words

    syndrome incredible
  6. l80lawna

    Graywolf Village wants you, come battle by our side.

    We now have only 1 opening, JOIN US!!! **EDITED on 9/17/22** WE have ONE opening for a daily player that will battle by our side in tournament. We just finished our second ever 10th chest 9/17/22. Come play with us :)
  7. l80lawna

    Graywolf Village of Khelonaar is looking for 8 players

    We now only have openings for 4 players :) JOIN US!!!
  8. l80lawna

    We have room for SIX peeps at Kentucky Fried Phoenix!

    I am proposing that we put our groups together. Your group and mine together to forge one great group. We are an active fellowship that is looking to bring in more members like yourselves :) We typically get 8-9 chests per tournament and 9-3-22 finished the 10th chest with help from archive...
  9. l80lawna

    Players of Arendyll!!!

    Kentucky Fried Phoenix would love to have you! We push Tournament once or twice a month, push Spire once a month and have several kp swap threads in chat. We are an up-and-coming group ranking 238, who would love to have you aboard. Feel free to check us out. Happy Gaming, L80Lawna Of Kentucky...
  10. l80lawna

    Fellowship Found - Thanks everyone.

    Kentucky Fried Phoenix is an up-and-coming group that would appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. Feel free to check us out. We can gain all the trophies you want with your help. :)
  11. l80lawna

    Graywolf Village of Khelonaar is looking for 8 players

    We have 16 very active players and are excited to add 8 new fellows. We, just today, finished our first10th chest! We ask that you have a barracks and 2 armory before applying :) We allow cross tier trades and FA is up to you. We push tournaments every week except our Spire push week. This is a...
  12. l80lawna

    Graywolf Village Wants YOU in Khel

    WE FINALLY FINISHED THE 10TH CHEST!!! omg SO EXCITING!!! the 16 of us did it.
  13. l80lawna

    Graywolf Village Wants YOU in Khel

    WE have room for 5 active players!! We push tournament two weeks, spire one week and have a week of rest. Some of do FA and some choose not to, that's up to you. Ideal Candidate would have a score around 34763 and would have one or more of the following boosts: steel, scrolls, gems . Please...
  14. l80lawna

    Graywolf Village wants you, come battle by our side.

    We have room for ONE active player. Bring the whole fellowship if you want to. We typically get between 8 and 9 chests every week in tourney and have recently started a monthly Spire push. FA adventures are at your own will. We have members on from the east coast, west coast and everywhere in...