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Search results

  1. Aritra

    What are the names of the floor bosses in the spire?

    Can't say we don't keep it interesting! I come for the entertainment, but also check out the resources... or vice versa? Both? haha
  2. Aritra

    In Game Spam

    i like this idea
  3. Aritra

    Forbidden Ruins Set alignment

    I might be rearranging (maintaining connections) so that the location of my missing Sorcerer's Feast is on a corner, more easily used. Otherwise, I'm gonna keep scowling at that gap. :mad:
  4. Aritra

    Forbidden Ruins Set alignment

  5. Aritra

    Forbidden Ruins Discussion Thread

    my disappointment is festering toward apathy.... and that's not good :(
  6. Aritra

    Forbidden Ruins Discussion Thread

    just FYI, there are 26 (and change) hours left in event; tourney starts in a little less than 12 hours... so, at least there is that
  7. Aritra

    Dwarven Portal - Is it a waste of space?

    You don't need dwarven supplies anymore.... unless you want to place dwarven street tiles. I top off my dwarven portal before selling so I can make them later if I want (you can always re-build the portal and mines/foundries to make what you need if you don't have enough when you want it). Once...
  8. Aritra

    The Food Game

  9. Aritra

    The Food Game

    icaco (browser didn't refresh, Myne beat me to it)
  10. Aritra

    One Word Reply Game

    charley horse
  11. Aritra

    Forbidden Ruins Discussion Thread

    My ch.2/3 non-FS city has had the best luck with bonus currency and has a better chance at the last piece than my ch.12/13 or ch.6/7 city (5/6 in all three, no problem). Still not sure that city is going to make it to the last piece, though. (I'm glad that, if only one of my cities gets the...
  12. Aritra


    Are you talking about me? I have said nothing about World Chat....
  13. Aritra

    Fix Fellowships Perks UI

    Don't shoot the messenger! ;)
  14. Aritra

    One Word Reply Game

  15. Aritra

    One Word Reply Game

  16. Aritra

    The Food Game

  17. Aritra

    change the delete place so players can not delete by accident.

    @helya tag says "voting" but....... it's not [and not ready yet]
  18. Aritra


    Where I am in northwest Arkansas, some gas stations are free and some need quarters (take note and be prepared to know where to go ;) )
  19. Aritra

    One Word Reply Game

  20. Aritra

    One Word Reply Game