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Search results

  1. Soleil Nightbloom

    Recruiting ★ The Rising Stars is looking for Active players!

    We currently have 4 vacancies! Please message me in-game if interested :)
  2. Soleil Nightbloom

    It worked for StarTrek

    Soleil Nightbloom
  3. Soleil Nightbloom

    Recruiting ★ The Rising Stars is looking for Active players!

    I'm happy to report that we are full! :)
  4. Soleil Nightbloom

    elvengems gone?

    Unfortunately, my post in this thread is from last year. I also really liked this website and found it helpful, especially for beginning players. I really like iDavis' website and the Elvenar wiki page. You may want to check out the Scrolls of Knowledge here in the forum for more info...
  5. Soleil Nightbloom

    Recruiting ★ The Rising Stars is looking for Active players!

    Unfortunately, we recently lost some of our players to real-life responsibilities. Currently, we have 5 vacancies! Please message me in-game if interested :)
  6. Soleil Nightbloom

    Recruiting ★ The Rising Stars is looking for Active players!

    The Rising Stars is a 13/14+ chests and Silver Medal fellowship, who get monthly gold and aspire for weekly gold medals! We are a very active friendly fellowship that is team-oriented/ drama free with daily trading and regular neighborly visits. We also have an active wonder society for our AWs...
  7. Soleil Nightbloom

    New Feature - Hobby Room (in builders hut) - Boost your production

    I play on Harandar and it's not showing up for me in the App version or PC.
  8. Soleil Nightbloom

    No longer "need" Endless Excavation?

    For myself personally, the EE along with the ToS is one of my least favorite wonders. Every time I place it in my city, I'm always disappointed and wonder why it's even there, then turnaround and sell it again. Most players love it and find it very useful, unfortunately, I'm not a fan...
  9. Soleil Nightbloom

    Hello New to the Forum

    Welcome to the forum and love your name @Honeybubbles ! :)
  10. Soleil Nightbloom

    Hello new archmage and to forum

    @Tuschunreal Welcome to the forum and congrats on the AM position! There is a wealth of advice/ knowledge here. Looking forward to seeing you around :)
  11. Soleil Nightbloom

    Hello Brand new to the world.

    @Amalara Welcome to the game and the forum! There are a bunch of helpful links in sorcerer scrolls for beginners. Hope to see you around in the forums :)
  12. Soleil Nightbloom

    Fellowship Adventure Improvement to Pit

    I would rather they figured out a way for us to cash out the excess badges accrued at the FA's end for points instead. There are way too many players that have tons of leftover badges at the FAs end that are wasted. I know that this suggestion has been brought up several times already, but it...
  13. Soleil Nightbloom

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    The feeding effect for the Astral Phoenix lasts 12hrs
  14. Soleil Nightbloom

    Fellowship Adventure in march?

    @Lelanya made a post of what is needed for the pit in this thread https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/fellowship-adventures-guide.32238/post-267090
  15. Soleil Nightbloom

    Welcome Silmaril

    @Silmaril Welcome :)
  16. Soleil Nightbloom


    Yes, I agree. What is even more frustrating is that even with changing the fellowship flag color, sending multiple messages/ reminders, a firework display, an obvious glowing effect, and/or some other effect, the culprits will STILL drop badges on the wrong path! Having the ability to lock...
  17. Soleil Nightbloom

    New round of Fellowship Adventures

    The FA will be 7 days according to the clock in my city and the iDavis website. https://idavis-elvenar.com/fellowship-adventures.html#info
  18. Soleil Nightbloom

    Show which chapter fellowship members are in on fellowship tab

    No problem, glad it helped you. :)