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Search results

  1. Invites to FS with other worlds

    Thanks for the reply, but how do we recruit other members from different worlds? Do we send message to them to open a city in our world in order to join our fellowship?
  2. Invites to FS with other worlds

    Is it possible to send invites for fellowships to other worlds? I have a player in our fs that was close to recruiting 2 players to our fs but was not able to figure out how to do this. Thanks for any help.
  3. AWs KPs

    We have a situation in our FS where a player, who has quit playing the game, placed KPs on a chest of a member. What happens to those KPs? Thanks Ginelv270
  4. ranking points

    Thanks Sweetp.
  5. ranking points

    I was wondering what happens to a city once the player reaches zero ranking points?
  6. Fellowships

    thank you so much muffy.
  7. Fellowships

    Are there limits on how many Mages and Ambassadors we can have in a FS?
  8. New BETA FA this Thursday

    Is there a new FA starting this Thursday Oct. 27th?
  9. Faith & Courage Fellowship

    Hello. We are looking for players of any level to come join us in Arendyll to enjoy playing in tournaments and fellowship adventures. We are a small group but are gaining strength. Please come and join us. Thanks, Ginelv270
  10. Faith & Courage is Recruiting

    Faith & Courage fellowship is seeking new members. Would like active players who can participate 4 to 5 times a week. Please contact Ginelv270. Thanks
  11. Updating Perks

    How do I go about updating perks for my fs?
  12. FA adventures rewards

  13. FA adventures rewards

    Thank you.
  14. FA adventures rewards

    Do all members of a FS receive rewards won in a FA? Many in our FS do not play in the FA. Do they receive the rewards even though they did not participate?
  15. Fellowship Adventures

    Does anyone know when or if there will be another Fellowship Adventure event?
  16. Ancient Grounds

    Thanks Henroo I will look again.
  17. Ancient Grounds

    I have researched Ancient Grounds in Chapter VI Dwarves. Where can I find the Ancient Grounds, Traveler's Rest or the Elder Dragon Oracle? I looked through the culture tab and did not see them. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. How do I increase my Granite supply?

    How do I get more granite to complete my research items? I all ready have 3 mines but they do not produce enough for me to complete my research items. I do not see anyone trading for granite, my Traveling Merchant only offers dust or gems, and my Wholesale merchant does not offer granite. Any...
  19. Misty Forest quest not counting encounters completed

    Good morning, I am on a quest #4 to Produce Adv. Tools 2/2 which I have completed. Than I need to Fight and win Encounters 0/3 or Use pet food. I opted to fight and win encounters. I have completed more than 3 encounters and have not received credit for them. Would you be so kind as to tell...