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Search results

  1. recruiting insight

    we r looking for a few players we get gold 13 to 14 chest come take a look looking is free thank you
  2. Your Favorite Winter Building(s)..... GO!

    must have be a ant that do that
  3. Insight needs 2 players

    contact madge or the boss dud we do gold each week
  4. VPN

    this happen to me the juy come change a setting i ask him today he said he change it to another country it works well now
  5. When RL feels like Elvenar

    cowss r nothing to be scared of just talk to them they r a very calm animal good luck yes i have a few boo booos crack lol
  6. When RL feels like Elvenar

    well no matter what color the cow u still get white milk lol from experiance u r good crackie
  7. What's the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

    snowing 50 mph winds buy our temp it is-15f winter is here
  8. hi

    thank you for that tip have a great day
  9. hi

    ok thank you very much i will sell for more room
  10. hi

    do anyone no if u get diamonds for sell the fairy's portal thank u
  11. Fletchers Cove

    looking for players 10 chest each week silver on spire most times not a pushy group come give us a try thank u