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Search results

  1. Synful69

    Problem Upgrading house's near an edge

    so,i've finally able to upgrade my home's past level 7,but ran into a small problem,after i did my beginning placement,ran the road,and prepaired to upgrade i saw on the north side of the road i can't upgrade them even having the required space behind the line (3x3).Now,the same level home on...
  2. Synful69

    Pet Food

    no,they weren't greyed out,that's what has me confused,i'm building more,hopefully that will help,but i could have sworn i had enough already for a few squad's at least.i'll keep playing with them and see what happen's. *just checked,after breeding thru last night and this afternoon i now have...
  3. Synful69

    Pet Food

    nothing,it wouldn't let me put them in,i had to use my other troops.i do have pet food working now in the acadamy.
  4. Synful69

    Lone Wolves Pack Recruiting

    Newer FS is currently seeking player's who are motivated,team player's with great attitude's,and don't mind using the chat.We're small but slowly growing (16) member's as of now,we're striving to build a solid group to play the game and do well while having fun we just set up a discord server...
  5. Synful69

    Pet Food

    question: just put my improved training ground's in,bred around 193 units so far,but when i went into a providense to fight,cerberus was in my roster but i couldn't put any into the battle. Now the question: do i have to feed them? i understand i can obtain pet food from the acadamy if i'm...
  6. Synful69

    How many days of maintenance are there going to be???

    Been having the same issues for the last week with chrome & Microsoft edge,hangs at 11% ,then get the load error.luckily,so far i can get in on firefox,but even on that,there's some lag spikes.I also seem to be unaffected on my fire tablet. Saw they released an update this a.m.,unfortunately,i...
  7. Synful69

    Grow bigger

    i'm almost to the end of ch.2 now,just had a squad increase which helped a little dropped all the hard,very hard to easy medium till i scouted an easy,then i was left with a few medium's and hard's,an improvment i'll take.have i believe 2 more squad increase's and the reduced scout at the end...
  8. Synful69

    Grow bigger

    I'm having the same problem,i took the first couple of upgrades in the tree,now everything available to scout is either hard or very hard.I'm only about halfway thru chapter 2,looking for any suggestions to bring the down to at least a medium rating.