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  1. Gladiola

    Beginning Chapters

    Your speed in progression may have been influenced by the knowledge you gained playing your first city. Also, things have gotten a lot faster -- many more ways to accumulate extra kp than back when we started and kp came from hourly accrual and completing provinces. (And eventually tournaments.)
  2. Gladiola

    Beginning Chapters

    I love starting new cities, atlhough I don't have time to play them. It's easy to forget that new players can spend a LOT of time reading the wiki, reading stuff on elvengems, etc. There is a fair amount of information one has to absorb to play effectively, and if things progressed a lot faster...
  3. Gladiola


    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Gladiola

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @Eudaemonia I satisfied a gain enchantments quest in the Spire by winning CCs in the current live event. (I was surprised when that happened.) Are you sure they don't count for that quest?
  5. Gladiola

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I would love an orc-producing building. I'm not in orcs yet, but that is what RRs are for. And I will be in Fairies by the end of the next event!
  6. Gladiola

    Help with Elf Fairies Layout

    You are awesome! Thank you!
  7. Gladiola

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Saving them can be useful when you're about to start another chapter because if you do get buildings they will be in the higher chapter. That will be more significant since they are finally going to have some new (and to my mind better) buildings when they change the prizes. At least no more...
  8. Gladiola

    Help with Elf Fairies Layout

    Also just noticed one of my workshops doesn't have a road connection.
  9. Gladiola

    Help with Elf Fairies Layout

    It's that time again. I'm about to start the Fairies chapter, so I'm planning my city layout. In general my goal is to maximize goods production, have a moderate military production, top out the Spire and get at least 2500 points in the tournament each week. I keep my city small and am very...
  10. Gladiola

    Authentication cannot find Character sometimes

    The server names are added in a specific order for all the world, including those in other languages: 1. Arendyll 2. Winyandor 3. Felyndral 4. Khelonaar 5. Elcysandir 6. Sinya Arda 7. Ceravyn 8. Harandar The U.S. server is the only one with 8 worlds, so far as I know. Because of the low...
  11. Gladiola

    Authentication cannot find Character sometimes

    I don't know of any way to look at the numbers other than going to the end of the ranking list on each world, but Arendyll is the first world and Harandar is the last on the U.S., which is the more populated server (there are only 3 worlds on the en server). There's a site...
  12. Gladiola

    Authentication cannot find Character sometimes

    I wonder if you might have accounts on both the en and us servers. check the urls to see if one starts "en.elvenar.com" and the other starts with "us.elvenar.com". The U.S. and en (international) worlds are completely separate.
  13. Gladiola

    Looking for spire tips

    I'm accumulating the boost buildings now so that I'll have them later if catering the Spire becomes impractical. So far I have: 19 DA 12 ELR 17 MMM 19 UUU For some reason I don't get as many ELRs in the MA as I do the others. I craft every one I see.
  14. Gladiola

    Is gold spire the new 10 chest?

    We are an interesting combination of very casual play and some pretty dedicated players. We do well in the tournament, not so well in the Spire. (I try to encourage Spire participation!) We also do well in FAs. The neighborly help is awesome -- I get around 18-20 NH visits a day from my fellows...
  15. Gladiola

    Looking for spire tips

    I use autofight, and I only fight the battles that are one round or occasionally 2-round ones if the enemy troops are favorable (in general where they are all weak against one type of unit and that unit is either light or heavy ranged or possibly heavy melee, as I play elf and my mages are...
  16. Gladiola

    Evaluation of Elven Tile Space for Chapters 1-6.

    The value of culture buildings is also dependent on whether they can receive neighborly help or not, especially for people in fellowships with dependable neighborly help. This tends to favor larger buildings (3x3 squares or greater) as they will have the most impact when receiving help. Culture...
  17. Gladiola

    Barrack size with catering ??

    If you fight the easiest part of the Spire you should be able to fight the first 2-3 stars of the tournament to the 10th province at least. It could save you some resources (unless you are swimming in goods and coins, in which case probably it would cost you more in supplies for troops than you...
  18. Gladiola

    Limit on Festival Merchants?

    No limit, but things only appear in the MA when you don't want them. Try building lots of other mana-producing buildings and then they will show up.
  19. Gladiola


    I think 7 is the best number because it is useful for events, which often have a produce 3 workshop items combined with a produce 4 workshop items quest either immediately or shortly after. It is also a useful number for FAs, where you can have 5 workshops set for shorter productions (brewers...
  20. Gladiola

    Best Chapter for Evolving Bldg Upgrades?

    @crackie Among the advantages of keeping my city small and progressing slowly are: 1) I have a lot fewer buildings that need upgrading because I just have fewer buildings -- I haven't placed any evolving buildings except the Fire Phoenix yet, so I don't have to choose whether to upgrade Fairy...