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Search results

  1. Rythel

    Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    Thanks for catching these guys! I will continually update things as the changes receive more scrutiny to try and keep it as accurate as possible.
  2. Rythel

    Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    Oh that's interesting. I only compared at level 1, 5 and 30 so that's a good catch! I have only shared this here and with my fellowship. It's all original work, hence it's quite rough haha. Feel free to share this elsewhere, it's more important to me that the info is out there.
  3. Rythel

    Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    Hey Guys. I put together a quick and dirty summary of the Ancient Wonder Changes. Feel free comment any corrections I might have missed. General Summary: Curve changes all around (the rate at which a benefit increases as it levels up). The first 3 levels tend to be worse than before, with level...
  4. Rythel

    How can the Devs make Enars more worthwhile for more players?

    I've made suggestions on changing Enar's completely to be more appealing to a larger crowd of people, but I think the discussion here is very honestly looking into a way to improve Enar's without a major overhaul. My biggest deterrent for Enar's is that the mana production is tied to scouting...
  5. Rythel

    City vs Game

    Can I vote beauty in efficiency? lol Nothing makes me happier than when I have everything grouped in similar buildings with nice, even, straight roads and every tile filled. There's just a part of me that feels satisfied when everything is nice and orderly. My planned arrangement for my current...
  6. Rythel

    Possibilities for FA improvement

    I think that would be a good starting point as leagues could help produce a more intimate and friendly form of competition among their group, but I think it would still reduce the overall feeling of competition that some people in this game desire. Leagues would remove the ability to be #1 and...
  7. Rythel

    Possibilities for FA improvement

    The Fellowship Adventure as a whole is just a very difficult situation to tackle. While I, myself, don't really have a good fix for it I do believe it needs to be re-evaluated as a whole. I think that once the below issues are addressed the ability to have a more fair competition would arise...
  8. Rythel

    An Interesting Case of Spire Catering

    I agree with Darielle on this point. If there's only 5 resources to chose from getting all "Wrong Person" really doesn't tell you anything at all. Sure you've eliminated a single resource on each spirit, but I feel there are significantly better starting points for those smaller encounters. My...
  9. Rythel

    Design an Ancient Wonder

    With all the negativity surrounding ads right now, I figured we should try and do something fun! If you had the ability to add an ancient wonder into the game with the effects of your choosing, what would it be? If you're so inclined, what chapter would you put it in? What would be the...
  10. Rythel

    Consolidate KP donation buttons in AW contribution window

    I am personally against this idea. I frequently push the "Donate All" KP button to donate KP from the tournament to my own wonders. Removing this button in favor of a text field would make the process significantly more tedious. I am also against the idea of removing the 1 KP button. Being...
  11. Rythel

    Future of the Scrolls of Knowledge and other resources

    I, for one, think this would be an absolutely amazing idea. I was personally devastated when Elven Gems didn't have any super solid information on chapter 15 and even less for chapter 16. As someone who meticulously plans each city design for each chapter, not having that information was...
  12. Rythel


    Can I have your spells? Lol.
  13. Rythel


    Since the debate between mana wonders has come up, here's my two-cents. I am a catering city and use 8 enchantments daily along with an additional 10+ every other day. Because I am using enchantments so frequently, I don't have the spare inventory to just burn enchantments to gain mana whenever...
  14. Rythel


    If you have extra space consider adding in as many Weeping Willows as you can. I had 16 weeping willows for this chapter and did not struggle too much with mana. I understand that Weeping Willows are far from the ideal or optimized way of making mana, but they are infinitely better than empty...
  15. Rythel

    Does Selling AWs Decrease Battle Difficulty?

    The question and argument you are posing is beyond the scope of the initial experiment. The conclusion to the initial question of whether or not selling off AW points will decrease the CAL is simply yes. There is no conclusion as to whether or not this would make the tournament/spire easier...
  16. Rythel

    Does Selling AWs Decrease Battle Difficulty?

    Here are my stats for this week after selling my level 12 Sanctuary. 05/09/23 Province 1 Starting Tournament Enemy Squad Size: 68 Province 26 Starting Tournament Enemy Squad Size: 24213 Number of placed Expansions: 112 Number of Premium Expansions: 8 Ancient Wonder Levels: 151 Completed...
  17. Rythel

    Dwarves race goods ratio

    If I remember correctly, Elvengems recommends 10 granite and 4 copper. I also built 10 granite and 4 copper and was easily able to make it through the chapter without getting tech locked.
  18. Rythel

    Does Selling AWs Decrease Battle Difficulty?

    Alright friends! I plan on selling my level 12 Sanctuary within the week and would like to give you some insight to hopefully help answer this question. 05/02/23 Province 1 Starting Tournament Enemy Squad Size: 69 Province 26 Starting Tournament Enemy Squad Size: 24402 Number of Placed...
  19. Rythel

    Great Bell Spire/Crystal Lighthouse Effect on Culture

    Hey Henroo! I would've asked you directly, but you didn't have it so I tapped into the wealth of knowledge that is the forums! I've always fought just a little and have enjoyed the overall health bonus and the culture bonus, but it isn't providing me with as much benefit as I feel it should...
  20. Rythel

    Living on the edge

    I love this idea. As someone who is currently on the edge with it fast approaching my city, I would love the ability to get more neighborly help. The only Con that I could see with this system would be the increased time it would take to perform neighborly visits. This could, however, be...