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Search results

  1. Spartan092

    Benefits of giant servers vs new ones?

    What world would you recommend? I'm not sure on the most populated or the best rep for the worlds. I'm on Ceravyn, which I've met a few cool people, but my biggest issue is that I tend to be the only one on, so it's pretty lonely. I have no issue starting over, and I'll probably manage Ceravyn...
  2. Spartan092

    Benefits of giant servers vs new ones?

    Dang, that's kinda disappoting. I'm semi far(only chapter 2 lol) but its unfortunate that only the most populated worlds are really worth the time.
  3. Spartan092

    Benefits of giant servers vs new ones?

    Title, I'm currently on Ceravyn, and I chose it on purpose because it was the newest server, however I almost see it as a mistake now, there's very few people on the world, I looked through a lot of the map,(basically until it was at a dead end) and I only counted around 20 players who've made...
  4. Spartan092

    Kinda at a loss, combat?

    (First, just wanna say sorry for flooding GD with several posts.) So I hit chapter 2, got my scout, and started to explore more provinces. However, I'm still at a point where I don't stand a chance against my enemies. My squad size is 24, and the enemies are 100, and their hp is at around 6k...
  5. Spartan092

    Seeing others boosted goods?

    Title, my FS leader somehow was able to view it, and I'm trying to help around and make a table of everyones goods. However I'm not sure on how to view others. Also: What are the combos? I just learned that there's only a few combos you can get.
  6. Spartan092

    Map city looks q:

    Race? If I remember from reading your guide, there's on fairy and dwarf right?(I know I'm choosing dwarf from the start, esp since I'm steel boosted.)
  7. Spartan092

    Map city looks q:

    What determines how your city looks on the map?
  8. Spartan092

    Fighting Mechanics?

    Looked in the research menu, I don't see the scout tech? Edit: LOL nvm It's the chest one
  9. Spartan092

    Fighting Mechanics?

    So when I played a bit back in early 2016, fighting was easy, however I've gotten to the point(not far out) from my city, where I cant win fights. My question is, what's the trick to fighting? Clearing a province is starting to cost me 50+ of one resource and a lot of supply, and I'd rather...
  10. Spartan092

    FS or activity, friends, or just convenience?

    So, I've had some people message me in game, and I saw a post by simpumba about FS, and I'm curious. Do you join a FS, because it's convenient for your progress, or for the active members who talk and make chit chat? Sound weird, but while were at it, how many people talk in your chat, if any...
  11. Spartan092

    Planning city- questions

    So, planning on my city on the city planner, and I'm curious if anyone could give me a rough amount of each building i'd need, like residence, workshop, etc. I'm trying to get a rough idea what I'll need and what maxed players have for every amount of buildings.
  12. Spartan092

    Re-organizing your city?

    Title, is there any easy way to go about it, I know a game I played before had something that allowed you to clear your city, and all buildings/roads would be placed in a tab so you could organize everything. Does this game have something similar, or am I SoL and have to do it when I have a few...
  13. Spartan092


    I wish there was a way just to run ads for diamonds, up to the cost of each price, or occasional videos that give 10 gems. Maybe it's just me, but they'd make a LOT more if they went the ad way, because then you'd have people who don't normally want to pay, seeing ads, probably double or triple...
  14. Spartan092

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  15. Spartan092

    How is this not "pushing"?

    Also, to add onto this. Why does it matter if the player isn't affecting you, or anyone else(in reference to soggy) I'm just a newb washed up on the beach, but I don't see the exact issue. They're probably trying to get to the top of the leaderboard, doing this, or just paying thousands really...
  16. Spartan092

    What do you do, while you wait for things to complete in Elvenar?

    I usually get up at around 6 setup my stuff, go for a 3 mile run, come home, feel sore, watch some netflix, pop some music, and mess with my dogs for a bit. Rest I usually just do what comes to me. Hbu? Seems a weird thing to ask, just trying to get to know the community better =)
  17. Spartan092

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    11(I feel like I'm spamming but just wanna beat the mods :P)
  18. Spartan092

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  19. Spartan092

    Session Timed Out, questions

    Hey Arimis, does your laptop/pc go into battery saving mode, or standby mode? This alone can cause constant time outs. Also, I'm not sure if you know, but if you close the game, go to bed, and come back, the game automatically progresses, you don't need to have a tab open for the game to keep...