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Search results

  1. Lyinaral

    crafting pet food

    If there is already a thread on this I apologize, cause I haven't seen it. We have so many pets that need to be fed in order to get the most from them, but pet food doesn't show up in my magic academy very often, or if it does, it is when I am off line either when I am asleep or gone from my...
  2. Lyinaral

    changing FS

    Is there a waiting period for changing fellowships.
  3. Lyinaral

    Elevenar Friends is looking for members

    We are a new Fellowship with just 2 members. Our cities are small, but growing. I have played for 2 years in another world, there I am in Amuni My friend started a city here in Winyandor, so I started one to help him learn the game. Would welcome any player, right now it is a laid back FS , We...
  4. Lyinaral

    Hello Hi new to this world.

    I started here in this world several weeks ago, had applied to several fellowships with no answer so started my own. Elevenar Friends. It is for people that want to play, have fun & grow at your own pace. I have been playing the game for a couple of years in another world. But wanted to see...
  5. Lyinaral

    Quest Thread

    I am in Elementals, have started on the 3rd row of research, but the side quests are still showing Halfings quest, when does it change over to quests for Elementals ? Does anyone know ?
  6. Lyinaral

    Size of cities around you

    I just wondered if anyone has the problem I do, the biggest percentage of cities around me are mostly small, that or they have the same boosts that I do. Cities so small you really can't do any real trade with them, because of it, I mainly have to trade with people in my fellowship. It would be...