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Search results

  1. EverHad

    One for all United ... be all you can be! seeking members

    looking for members.. read below for a basic overview of guild We are an active fellowship looking for enthusiastic players to participate and grow their city and move up in rank. Help each other out with visits, participate in events and tourneys, post fair trades and build your...
  2. EverHad

    guardians of light seeking 2 members see below for info

    howdy howdy all.. a great is looking for a couple of great members we are great group to be with and always try to help out if u need it just agree to our few rules below and contact me in game or Neamhain in game.. you can also leave a reply here if u need to... game on and game hard Evehad...
  3. EverHad

    One for all United guild looking for a few good players

    howdy howdy all.. we are currently seeking a few players with a score around 20000 and higher. We are looking for players that like to chat and have a bit of fun, know the ins an outs of tournaments. events and does daily donations several times a week.. we try to build each other up and...
  4. EverHad

    howdy howdy all trying to find a new place to home

    lets see.. im in dragon chapter. love tourny, events, etc. looking for new home.. im a bit wacko at times, love to chat and help others.. please send me a message or invite about/too ur guild game on and game hard everhad
  5. EverHad

    looking to join a guild.. boost are steel, scroll, dust.. play daily

    howdy howdy all.. trying to find a guild.. lol very lonely playing in a guild by myself lolol.. i love to do tournys, events etc....i have a guild but its just me and only to do tourny so you will have to mail before you invite so i can disband myself.. im about half way thru chapter 4 atm...
  6. EverHad

    im still disappointed with the goods phoenix

    the more i play, the more it just chaps my hide at such a short time activation on the goods phoenix.. it really seems so unbalanced to only get 3.5 hours of collection per feeding compared to the very very long time the battle phoenix stays active on a feeding.. i really only get one collection...
  7. EverHad

    do the evolution bases seem unbalanced

    i really am having trouble understanding why the evolution bases seem to favor the battle one. They all cost the same to "feed" and yet u only get one use basically if u have used the goods one.. it barely last over 3 hours where the battle one last much much longer.. I also dont understand...
  8. EverHad

    the presapus of the wood elves chapter

    ok im just carefree and willy nilly about chapters but due to the struggles and tribulations from previous chapters im really going to try and do things the suggested way lol. ive done my reading from gems about this race and its suggestions of how to do techs and what not, but im still...
  9. EverHad

    ok ive gone and gotten myself confused again from reading lol

    ok while i was reading the orc and gob stuff at the bottom it said to get rid of all ur culture buidling to build farms and rally points? i thought u couldnt build if u didnt have enough culuture.. i know that it give u production boost but how do u do upgrades and and build the buildings...
  10. EverHad

    so an orc and a goblin walk into a bar

    okkk i finally decided to wise up and actually do my reading before i start putting my kp places and building things for this chapter lol... anyone got a link for orc and gob info on kp path and how many of this and that to build.. thanks so much game on! everhad
  11. EverHad

    a new wrench in the plan on province expansion

    okkk so ive been saving up supplies and goods and keeping my scout busy exploring provinces so i could get a much needed land expansion... when i go into to start cratering...(because im a terrible horrible excuse for a battle winner lol) i find they have added a new twist. orcs as part of the...
  12. EverHad

    piece by piece building a wonder

    ok i normally dont have to threads to post at same time lol but ..... lol.. im having the hardest time getting the pieces to build the dwarf wonders.. are there certain provinces that give these or is it all just random thanks and game on!! everhad
  13. EverHad

    something flowered this way comes... a simple question of farming

    just to be sure after ive upgraded my fairy portal to max and if im not going to upgrade the day farms... i dont need to make flowers anymore? and the same about velvet and nightshade? lol sorry to ask these kind of questions.. many thanks everhad also i only did 4 of each? should i try to...
  14. EverHad

    there and back again... a travelling merchants story

    at what point/chapter, is it a good idea to get rid of traveling merchant 1,2 and 3, to use space for other things? thanks again and game on! everhad
  15. EverHad

    and it begins again ... a new nightmare lol

    ok i barely had figured out copper and granite and now in next chapter day farms and night farms lol.. how many of each and im gonna need and is there a rotation of making each item in the farms. any help appreciated game on! everhad
  16. EverHad

    what to do... what to do that is the question lol

    ok i have finallllllllllly gotten to the tech before i open the chest chapter 7.. and yes i thought this day would never come lol.... my question is do just sell all granite and copper mines along with the portal after i start 7... i couldnt see where i needed them after i looked ahead but i...
  17. EverHad

    stuck in the middle of suburbia....i mean chapter 6

    ok... i realllllllly dont understand the reasoning of having granite and copper on top of other goods... i also dont understand how it literally goes from not having the tech to needing 75k on the next one... is this just stuck in the game to slow you down or something? ive been on the same row...
  18. EverHad

    me see me do me dont

    ok... im up to like 60 tickets per quest and im not even thru with chest number 2.... is it even possible to get chest 3 and beyond without buying tickets or did i waste tickets on lower chest with better odds but fewer goos? thanks so much everhad
  19. EverHad

    i know u cant believe im seeking help for another silly question lol

    ok what is the best strategy for granite production... it seems u need a lot right after u learn the tech... and also is there any type of production boost for ur mines? as always... game on! and may ur elevenar experience be as great as you are kind and generous Everhad
  20. EverHad

    okkkkk what in the heck in a holy handbag is this festival quest lol

    complete one building upgrade to level 14... im only about 1/3 thru chapter 2 lolol surely that has to be an error.. usually they something like or complete on tech upgrade lol.. any ideas? thanks everhad