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Search results

  1. Jasix

    Not liking the new info windows

    Example: If you want to create a Shroom of Widsom, but I do not have the needed supplies... used to be when you click it to see exactly what you needed - but now - it just says you do not have the needed items, but pops up a diamond window.... Not helpful. Not sure who thought providing less...
  2. Jasix


    So I received this message today on Felyndral: _______________________________________________________ Hello! Are you ready to live intense space battles? We just opened a new universe / server in AgeOfSpace! We invite you to play the best browser game based in the future space, taking...
  3. Jasix

    Looking for a home... I am house broken (kinda)

    Hiyas :) I have been playing Elvenar for about 13 months now and have recently left my fellowship on Khelonaar. I have a score of 105k and am boosted in Planks, Silk, and Gems (764% on each). I am two techs away from finish Orcs!!!!!! (Cue the gospel choir in the background). I am looking for a...
  4. Jasix


    Is there some type of maintenance or something going on? It is taking me 30-40 seconds to load cities to do visits. Sinya is extremely laggy - a lot of my FS is experiencing it - load times upwards of 1 minute. Very frustrating.
  5. Jasix

    Laggy frame rate

    My issue started yesterday. I have a 30 day old system with 2 GB dedicated graphics, 16gm ram etc etc ... so well above the specs needed to play. I have not changed any of my settings and as of Thursday.... it is like I am playing the game but severely lagged. The frame rate is HORRENDOUS. Did...
  6. Jasix

    U.P. - Unite & Prosper

    U.P. (Unite & Prosper) is an established fellowship on Felyndral. We are made up of players from all over who have joined together to help one another grow/prosper in the game. We are currently looking for a few active members to fill vacancies in our fellowship. Like most fellowships we have...
  7. Jasix

    So frustrated

    I created SEVEN accounts today... why? Some friends and are starting a new FS on Sinya. Well I already have 6 cities (4 of which are marble). So I created a new account....got marble. Second account...marble. Third account...marble. See where this is going? Seriously? Is there a time frame that...
  8. Jasix

    Number of trades

    There needs to be an option which allows you to place multiple trades of the same amount. Currently if you want to place 20 trades of marble for steel (for example) you have to click ...twenty times. This is redundant, time consuming, and frankly outdated. Every other game I have played with a...
  9. Jasix

    Elvenar Traders Inc is Recruiting!

    Elvenar Traders Inc. is an established fellowship looking for new members. Our member's scores range from 130k+ to 1,000. We consist of players of all levels; new or experienced. As you can tell by our name we are very active in trading, but we are also active in visitations as well as programs...
  10. Jasix

    Fellowship Helpers

    Fellowship Helpers is an active group of players who are looking for other active players. We welcome newer players as well as experienced players. Our roster includes players with scores ranging from 1,000 to 90,000. We are actively recruiting players with crystal boosts as that is the one...
  11. Jasix

    Buying Diamonds

    So I was very excited when I installed Elvenar and decided to buy a bunch of diamonds to fast track my progress. Today I went to purchase more and every time I try it gives me an error. I have tried multiple credi cards with plenty of funds...and each time I get an error. Is there a limit on the...