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Search results

  1. Mykan

    Newbie Province Help Needed!!

    In terms of mechanic of making things easier you are correct. But as Ashrem said it isn't guarenteed that they will drop a level. The difficulty markers are not a true difficulty but an indicator. They are using a comparison of squad size ratios (possibly some other minor things) and have made a...
  2. Mykan

    Newbie Province Help Needed!!

    Sadly you are in the most difficult place in the game to do combat on the world map. Your best bet is to negotiate province, scout the minimum amount of provinces and potentially research all squad size techs (this is a whole discussion by itself). You will then find around chapter 5 ish you can...
  3. Mykan

    Wonder Society (Spreadsheet assisted wonder program)

    I was referring to the wonder society template (spreadsheet). Might take a while for the reward charts as the changes on beta and events take a lot of time. The spreadsheet is a faster change and easy for other societies to copy Looks like they are fixed now The formulas are more likely to...
  4. Mykan

    User Interface Display building level in inventory

    @Xelenia I think this is fairly straighforward and has been up for a while. Can we start a poll please?
  5. Mykan

    Wonder Society (Spreadsheet assisted wonder program)

    Checked and Gems website is now updated with new wonder data
  6. Mykan

    User Interface Display building level in inventory

    Background / Issue With teleport spells we can now place our normal buildings into inventory. This can mean several similar buildings of the same type but no easy method of knowing the level for those buildings should you wish to put them back in your town. Displaying the building level would...
  7. Mykan

    Tournament Rewards

    @Kekune Unless they changed it fairly recently, wiki is incorrect. I tested it a month or 2 back to see if it was still the same as originally implemented and it was. You must complete 1 province.
  8. Mykan

    Please change all 24h buildings to 23h 55mins

    I was sure I read or heard somewhere that this is one they won't touch.
  9. Mykan

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I agree that we don't know what inno wants, what they have made clear didn't touch on this aspect. We don't know if it is KP related, competition related or something else. I do suspect they don't want winning a tournament to be about who has the most provinces. While this will obviously be a...
  10. Mykan

    game mechanics

    Unsure how much detail you want and will get. The information we do know is somewhat simple: Neighborhood trading is with nearest 200 cities - This is a CM (I think?) message from years ago. I am unaware it has changed As you mention there is no trading fee for those you have discovered Only...
  11. Mykan

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    That's in your timezone, there are timezones were it is only 4 achievable days with a 16hr timer. Starts Wed ends Sat. The point I was making is to get 5 and 6 rounds (depending on timezone etc.) takes more dedication than what I would call casual. I have family members who are casual players...
  12. Mykan

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Trust me, he would be a top 50 if not a top 30 player by now on the server he played on and would consistently be in top 10 in tournaments. Anyway I can tempt you back ;) Want a fun and awesome fellowship to join :p :cool: I think the devs are underestimating the fact that casual players...
  13. Mykan

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    You need to return so we can continue our discussions on combat strategy, we will be learning a whole lot of things all over again ;) They have done a big explanation piece and much of it was on trying to maintain some level of challenge as a town grows and making it easier for casual players...
  14. Mykan

    Forwarded Let us see our own AW's

    is this in addition to the current way of viewing wonders or to replace it? I was unclear hence voting against it. If it is in addition and just accessing via fellowship tab then it is good.
  15. Mykan

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    ^This There are a lot of things with the changes that will be impacted. With a mass loss of KP it will be incredibly hard to impossible for newer towns to "catch-up" to the bigger ones now in terms of wonder levelling. Drop the amount of KP they can earn by 30-50% (or whatever it will turn out...
  16. Mykan

    Ancient Runes Quest

    There are a couple quests that are unclear, this is one. Perhaps a tip in the quest to look at culture buildings *in this case" or copper factory as an example of another quest. Might be worth adding something to the ideas section.
  17. Mykan

    Mykans Guide - Town design by era

    found a quick fix to get most of the images restored.
  18. Mykan

    Tournament rune rewards

    Just glad to know it is a bug, thanks everyone
  19. Mykan

    what game helped prepare you for Elvenar the most?

    The combat stuff made me think of warlords. Most any strategy or city building game gives you experience.
  20. Mykan

    Tournament rune rewards

    My last 2 tournaments all of my runes rewards at the end of the tournament have been the same rune, instead of random selection across all (discovered) runes. Did I miss the update where they changed this or have I got the most phenomenal luck or bugged? If this is an update it is a real shame...