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Search results

  1. EverHad

    One for all United ... be all you can be! seeking members

    looking for members.. read below for a basic overview of guild We are an active fellowship looking for enthusiastic players to participate and grow their city and move up in rank. Help each other out with visits, participate in events and tourneys, post fair trades and build your...
  2. EverHad

    Looking for a more active fellowship

    howdy howdy enchantress.. Guardians of light is seeking 2 people would love to have you.. we are ranked around the same as above.. a great group of people have a great time. we do ask that you do daily's and have a minimum we ask u to do on the 10 chest tourny.. message me in game or here if u...
  3. EverHad

    guardians of light seeking 2 members see below for info

    howdy howdy all.. a great is looking for a couple of great members we are great group to be with and always try to help out if u need it just agree to our few rules below and contact me in game or Neamhain in game.. you can also leave a reply here if u need to... game on and game hard Evehad...
  4. EverHad

    One for all United guild looking for a few good players

    howdy howdy all.. we are currently seeking a few players with a score around 20000 and higher. We are looking for players that like to chat and have a bit of fun, know the ins an outs of tournaments. events and does daily donations several times a week.. we try to build each other up and...
  5. EverHad

    The Aureate Phoenix

    defend it how u may enevhar.. it is still a terrible terrible phoenix. and it says..."it can give a bonus on ur boosted goods" not that it will but can... it also states.. "Produces all kinds of valuable resources when evolved" i really dont think marble, steel, planks are that valuable of...
  6. EverHad

    howdy howdy all trying to find a new place to home

    ty all for invites...i accepted one so you can stop sending them.
  7. EverHad

    howdy howdy all trying to find a new place to home

    lets see.. im in dragon chapter. love tourny, events, etc. looking for new home.. im a bit wacko at times, love to chat and help others.. please send me a message or invite about/too ur guild game on and game hard everhad
  8. EverHad

    looking to join a guild.. boost are steel, scroll, dust.. play daily

    howdy howdy all.. trying to find a guild.. lol very lonely playing in a guild by myself lolol.. i love to do tournys, events etc....i have a guild but its just me and only to do tourny so you will have to mail before you invite so i can disband myself.. im about half way thru chapter 4 atm...
  9. EverHad

    im still disappointed with the goods phoenix

    the more i play, the more it just chaps my hide at such a short time activation on the goods phoenix.. it really seems so unbalanced to only get 3.5 hours of collection per feeding compared to the very very long time the battle phoenix stays active on a feeding.. i really only get one collection...
  10. EverHad

    do the evolution bases seem unbalanced

    lol wellll ty ashrem lol that exactly did just that ... make me regret using it even more lol... i kept wondering why i was only getting a few hundred extra instead of thousands lol.. yeah that one is definitely a rip reallllly wish i had understood all of it better before i used them lol...
  11. EverHad

    do the evolution bases seem unbalanced

    one last question about the goods pheonix... how is the percent boost calculated.. like it says 250 percent on level 9 evo but i dont get that much of an increase..if im making 1000 gems per 3 hours.. at 100 increase that would be 2000 and at 250 increase that would be 5000 and i get no where...
  12. EverHad

    do the evolution bases seem unbalanced

    great breakdown soggy!! ty.. i knew i was being short changed.. they need to a redo button so i can undo the blue evo in the town i put it in and replace with fire lol... thanks everyone did anyone have any idea about all the dead towns in khel?? dont get me wrong love the easy gold lol just not...
  13. EverHad

    do the evolution bases seem unbalanced

    im saying that if u have the fire which i do in my bigger town u can feed it and do all ur battles for the day in one feeding... in my otther town which i had tried to make as more of goods production town can only get ur 9 hour time and maybe a 3 hr after that.. and if u go to cater ur way thru...
  14. EverHad

    do the evolution bases seem unbalanced

    i really am having trouble understanding why the evolution bases seem to favor the battle one. They all cost the same to "feed" and yet u only get one use basically if u have used the goods one.. it barely last over 3 hours where the battle one last much much longer.. I also dont understand...
  15. EverHad

    the presapus of the wood elves chapter

    ohhhh k i think i get it now lol that cleared it up... i was thinking that was in addittion to.. but that is going to be the currency .. ty rose and shimmer
  16. EverHad

    the presapus of the wood elves chapter

    ok so 2 armories should crank out enough orcs, i can get rid of orc stuff except portal, replace current culture with willows or something like that and maybe get lucky in events, im still a bit confused on the change or regular goods to elves goods.. appreciate taking the time to help me out...
  17. EverHad

    the presapus of the wood elves chapter

    ok im just carefree and willy nilly about chapters but due to the struggles and tribulations from previous chapters im really going to try and do things the suggested way lol. ive done my reading from gems about this race and its suggestions of how to do techs and what not, but im still...
  18. EverHad

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!

    woot woot ty ty for the chance to win some diamonds