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Search results

  1. mikeledo


    I noticed a couple of people have avatars that are not available to me. I have all the AWs in both elf and human. Is this something one can get by going to level 35 on an AW or something? Did I miss the announcement?
  2. mikeledo

    VOX looking for fighters

    Spire/tourny players wanted. Looking for folks who complete the spire and can score 1,000 points.
  3. mikeledo

    Research Building old portals

    With INNO changing the Tournament formula, many of us would like to go back and complete optional squad upgrades. Some require guest race items that we do not have in inventory. Making them is difficult because old portals are not compatible with portal instants that only work on the current...
  4. mikeledo

    Spire Banner needing diamonds blocks information

    When the dreaded 25 more diamonds banner pops up on the spire after 3 attempts, it is huge. It blocks the information one needs to make an informed decision as to proceed. Can I do this in one attempt? Or could it take 2 or 3 more attempts? While I might be willing to spend 25 diamonds, I don't...
  5. mikeledo

    Multiple chests when going visits from another city

    Firefox, Adobe, Windows 10. I had just donated KP to a city in my FS and opted to do my daily visits while still in that city. I pulled up the FS screen and started the visits using the new method. I would hear the sound of getting a chest but never got the contents. When I completed my visits...
  6. mikeledo

    Time Changes

    I am of the opinion if a German company is going to cater to the US then all start times of events should be conveyed in US time...pick a time zone. Their changing spire and tourny time as well as announcing FA start times etc in German time is a bad business model for US servers. It is simply...
  7. mikeledo

    Thanks for the double chests

  8. mikeledo

    KP threads or ask for donations for available chests?

    I notice some people use the threads to swap KP and get AW rewards. Others use their instants on their own AWs and then request donations for available chests. Now at some point the donation aspect would net more KP than the rewards, but at what point? One would have to know the average return...
  9. mikeledo


    I like to try new building arrangements, however sometimes it doesn't work out when I try to move them and I need to go back to the way I had them. It would be nice if I could "save" the arrangement prior to experimenting, moving them around, and then be able to return to that configuration with...
  10. mikeledo

    What is the best use of diamonds?

    I don't plan on spending any money. I have 250 diamonds and don't plan to buy any. I was wondering what is the best use for diamonds. Should I buy a magic ditch now to save space on culture, or is there something better later on? Am I maxed out on free diamonds or are more coming my way? This is...