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Search results

  1. Caribbean Kat

    Find your new home with a winning team before September FSA!

    Elven DragonFyre is the Team to play FSA with. We're organized and stressless and have a proven track record in the Top Ten. We put the lie to "FSA is no fun/not worth the efforts". We currently have two openings for well rounded players who enjoy FSA (Top Ten), Spire (Top Ten) and Tourny(10...
  2. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre seeking 2 well rounded players

    If you love the challenges of Spire, Tourny and FA, are a steady trader, visitor and KP sharer you really should make us your new home Den. We are fun, supportive, competitive and successful. Grow your city without drama or overbearing pressures. SOAR ON DRAGON WINGS OVER ELVENAR with us...
  3. Caribbean Kat

    Looking for a new home - thx all! found one!!

    Elven DragonFyre is recruiting. Looking for well rounded Team player who enjoys FA, Tourny and Spire and is a steady trader and KP sharer. You'll get great support, no drama and a lot of fun people to play with. Great rewards for your efforts.
  4. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre Interviewing

    Our FS achieves 10 Chests weekly, Silver Medal Spire weekly, and Top Ten Adventure Ranking regularly. Offering six very active KP Sharing Chains. Due to a very longstanding member retiring from the game in a few days we will be interviewing Aspirants. Must be a friendly team player experienced...
  5. Caribbean Kat

    Arendyll- wondering about options

    We've got ranking, success in FSA (Top 5 mostly) Silver Medal EVERY week in Spire, 10 Chests EVERY week in Tourny and the most interesting and fun Den of Dragons you could ever hope to chat with. Caring, Sharing, Fun, Growth - you couldn't wish for more. 6 KP Sharing Chains active enough for...
  6. Caribbean Kat

    ElvenDragonFyre seeking Dust Boost

    Are you a team player ready to win 10 Chests every week? Do you enjoy climbing the Spire and helping your FS to achieve high ranking Adventures? We offer 6 highly active KP Sharing chains, vigorous trading and a Mage Council to help you succeed and enjoy this great game. Bring your sense of...
  7. Caribbean Kat

    ElvenDragonFyre needs 2 Soaring Dragons

  8. Caribbean Kat

    ElvenDragonFyre needs 2 Soaring Dragons

    At this time we need an experienced player with all levels of goods to trade. Thank you for your interest and best of luck in your quest for a fitting FS.
  9. Caribbean Kat

    ElvenDragonFyre needs 2 Soaring Dragons

    Are you ready to Fyre Up the upcoming FA? Come join us for fun and profit! See our ElvenStats and Overview Page for our history of success and our goals for continuing. Message me for consideration if you dare to ROAR with us! Caribbean Kat Archmage ElvenDragonFyre
  10. Caribbean Kat


    We are in need of a DUST BOOSTED experienced player who wishes to join a team accustomed to WINNING, GROWING, LAUGHING AND ENJOYING LIFE! Look us up on ElvenStats and please read our OVERVIEW PAGE for simple rules and goals and contact me for a chance to SOAR with us in the upcoming FA, SPIRE...
  11. Caribbean Kat

    Hot Spots Available in ElvenDragonFyre

    SEEKING 2 EXPERIENCED, ACTIVE, HAPPY PLAYERS. MESSAGE MAGES FOR CONSIDERATION TO JOIN if you are ready to SOAR! This FS strives to be competitive in Tournys, Spire and Adventures while working together to Grow Beautiful Cities and enjoy great...
  12. Caribbean Kat


    2 experienced players needed. Must be fun, active and ready to compete in FA, Tournys and Spire. We offer 7 very active KP Sharing chains and all the support active cities need to grow. Bring your sense of humor and adventure and desire to excel.
  13. Caribbean Kat


    Need 2 go-getters before FA starts Monday. We average TOP 5 in FSA, 10 CHESTS most weeks, offer 6 ACTIVE KP SHARING CHAINS, are friendly competitive and helpful. Message me for consideration to join our Fyred Up FS! Caribbean Kat Archmage Elven DragonFyre
  14. Caribbean Kat


    Highly ranked FS seeking 3 experienced members who enjoy succeeding in Tourny and Adventure. Please see our OVERVIEW PAGE for rules and goals and see our ElvenStats for our history of success. We get 10 Chests most weeks and place in the top 5 most FSAs. We have active KP Swaps, strong fair...
  15. Caribbean Kat

    ElvenDragonFyre Recruiting

    Ideal Candidate would have a score around 250K and would have boosts scrolls, magic dust. MESSAGE FOR CONSIDERATION TO JOIN This FS strives to be competitive inTournys and Adventures while working together to Grow Beautiful Cities and enjoy great companionship. Averaging 9.8 Chests/week and...
  16. Caribbean Kat

    Seeking Active FS

    Come look us over - ElvenDragonFyreRecruiting. See our OVERVIEW PAGE and ad on FS Seeking... for rules and goals. High Ranking FS, competitive in all activities, friendly and supportive. Happy Gaming!
  17. Caribbean Kat

    Very Active Player seeking FS that actually gets 10 chests at least 2x a month minimum!

    Come take a look at ElvenDragonFyreRecruiting. See our ad on Fellowships Seeking. You might find a perfect fit here, if you're willing to put in the effort you will get Blueprints with us. Check our record on ElvenStats. Happy Gaming!
  18. Caribbean Kat


    Highly Ranked FS seeking ACTIVE player serious about weekly Tourny performance and participation in Adventures. Scrolls Boost most needed. We average over 9 Chests per week. Can you help us make that 10? We offer a VERY ACTIVE KP Sharing program, busy Fair Trading, Weekly Tips & Tricks for...
  19. Caribbean Kat

    ElvenDragonFyre Recruiting

    Ideal Candidate *Would have a score around 195425 (BUT we do accept growing city builders) and would have one or more of the following boosts: steel, scrolls, magic dust and be actively trading those goods *Would be fearsome in weekly Tourny *Would be an Adventurer *Would be actively sharing KPs...
  20. Caribbean Kat


    Looking for a fun FS with great support and lots of activity? We average 7.5 Chests per week and desire to reach 8-10 Chests per week. Check us out on ElvenStats, review our simple rules and Goals on our Overview Page and message for consideration. Marble/Dust boosts helpful, but not essential...