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Search results

  1. Dandini

    A way to block unwelcome people in the messenger system

    I'm ticked off by a stupid player. Why there isn't a way to block unwelcome people from sending a lot of crap in one's messenger system? :mad:
  2. Dandini

    Seeking an active fellowship

    I'm an active player and currently have 6 cities around the worlds... The one in Ceravyn is small (around 3000 points) but I keep it growing. Despite the number of the cities I look at them twice or more a day, and I'm a very active and collaborative player inside my fellowships (I always visit...
  3. Dandini

    Please, make PMs and the ability to give KPs to other players'AWs avaible for mobile too

    More than a suggestion this is a request: Please, make PMs and the ability to give KPs to other players' AWs avaible on mobile version too! I do like the App because I find it quicker restarting all the manifactory and workshop productions; moreover I can better see the culture buildings that...
  4. Dandini

    Keep it or sell it?

    Finally I finished that neverending dwarves chapter and I'm entering the fairies one. I was wondering if all that dwarven stuff is still necessary. I mean: when I look at bigger players I can't find granite mines, copper foundries and the dwarven portal anymore. Moreover in the settlement...
  5. Dandini

    Hello Hi! It's Dandini here

    Hi there! I'm Dandini and... I'm from Italy. Yeah, as I started playing Elvenar, six months ago, I didn't see I could select my language and so I started on the US platform :D Now that I have my beautifuuuul city in Sinya Arda I don't want to leave it, on the contrary I also started a couple of...
  6. Dandini

    My signature

    Let's see if I understood the instructions...
  7. Dandini

    Sometimes I can't see some buildings of mine

    It isn't an important issue, anyway sometimes some of my buildings are invisible, even if I know they're still there because the mouse detects their existence by opening the usual window. I suppose it happens only in Sinya Arda, since I just founded two other cities and it never happened in...
  8. Dandini

    Is it possible placing a custom avatar in the game?

    I noticed that as I get a portal for a new race, I also have new avatars to select... but I was just wondering if there'll come a moment in which I can upload a custom avatar. (I guess no)