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  1. Jasix


    THANK YOU! This is why I specifically came to the forums. I tried what I knew (going into settings each time for each city and enabling flash automatically) but that did not work. So..thank you for the fix :)
  2. Jasix

    Fights not fair

    You have probably way overscouted from the sounds of it. If you hover over the chest needed to unlock your next chapter of research it will tell you how many provinces you need to unlock that chest. Try to stay as close to that number as possible. Overscouting makes completing the provinces way...
  3. Jasix

    Feeling like a long time since a double or triple day

    I am of the opposite thinking - I think they should be few and far between. I look at them as presents/treats. If they start becoming regular events they lose their uniqueness. I think they should have different types of "bonus" events - goods, supplies, wonders, coin. Some people need one or...
  4. Jasix

    Product boost

    Your best bet is to recruit for what your FS is lacking. I have neighbors that I communicate with that are opposite goods than me which helps when it comes to trading. sometimes I will take trades from FS that I do not need and trade with the neighbor for trades that myself and the FS needs.
  5. Jasix

    Pet Peeves About Elvenar

    I have left all my fellowships except two as I find the drama and requirements to be too much for what is supposed to be a game and not a job. And yes, I tried multiple fellowships on those worlds to find a better match and ultimately just said "screw it" because again... this is a game and not...
  6. Jasix

    Amuni Guest Race - INNO promotional Video

    It's a game about Elves, Orcs, Sorcerers etc.... Trying to connect the fantasy world version of the slaves in this game to anything in the real world is nonsensical and overly sensitive. It is a fantasy game - it is not reality.
  7. Jasix

    Pet Peeves About Elvenar

    I personally think the more posted trades the better. I often use the filter so that I can find trades that are specific to what I produce; makes it much easier. When I see smaller trades I always feel good taking them - thinking I am helping someone smaller than me :) I am in Woodelves so I...
  8. Jasix

    Pet Peeves About Elvenar

    Everything we do is a choice in the game. Look at the topics in the forum; a lot of them are people complaining about things that they are choosing to do, but are not happy with the actual process. I choose to play one of the three promoted ways this game can be played: Always fighting...
  9. Jasix

    Pet Peeves About Elvenar

    Yeah I feel like they should have waited to release the mobile app until it had the same features as the actual pc version. The only thing I use the app for is visits....
  10. Jasix

    Pet Peeves About Elvenar

    *My issue is not with typing 5,000 - the issue is clicking 10 times if you want to post 10 posts of the same trade. Posting 120-180 items a day gets to be tedious clicking. *Just because a fellowship CAN have 25 people doesn't negate the fact that many don't. Are you insinuating that those...
  11. Jasix

    Not liking the new info windows

    Example: If you want to create a Shroom of Widsom, but I do not have the needed supplies... used to be when you click it to see exactly what you needed - but now - it just says you do not have the needed items, but pops up a diamond window.... Not helpful. Not sure who thought providing less...
  12. Jasix

    Pet Peeves About Elvenar

    O.K. Will try this again: 1. Trader: A: There needs to be a quantity of trades button. So if I want to put up 10 5,000 marble for steel trades I can simply type in 10 instead of have to click 10 just for those. Posting 60 trades can become quite tedious and time consuming; especially with the...
  13. Jasix

    Pet Peeves About Elvenar

    Actually it was posted. I listed 3 different pet peeves - Trader, FSA, Tournaments all with subsections of each post. But hey... thanks for insinuating I am a liar.
  14. Jasix

    Pet Peeves About Elvenar

    Interesting - my post in this thread was deleted. I received no notification/reasoning for that. Hmmm
  15. Jasix

    Changing FS membership for Tourneys

    I just ignore them. I have found that ignoring people in this game is quite useful and makes for a much more pleasant experience.
  16. Jasix

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.59

    When will Inno be updating their trader system to allow QUANTITY of trades so I can put 5,000 marble for 5,000 planks x10 - instead of clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking. It gets rather tedious when you frequently trade 50-60 trades every day in multiple cities. This is not some...
  17. Jasix

    Non-active Warnings

    Back when I ran a fellowship - I would simply send them an email. I would just copy/paste it. If no reply then I just figured they were either not interested or just not playing.
  18. Jasix


    You heard on Instagram the game is closing? If so... by who?
  19. Jasix

    Expanded territory by negotiation, now I can't fight

    I have never HAD to fight for any quests. I have actually never fought in this game because it doesn't interest me. If you do not have the option of declining I would definitely contact support since I have never seen a "fight" or "defeat" quest that could not be declined.
  20. Jasix

    Tournament rewards

    Rewards go out to each member who has done anything for that particular tournament. It doesn't matter if you did 30 points or 2000 points - everyone gets the exact same rewards that have been earned that tournament. Fellowship requirements depend on the fellowship rules. Some require nothing...