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Search results

  1. lronman

    How hard tournament provinces are.

    Sorry but I can't agree with that. Many people look at Cost AS difficulty, and the pair are tied together. Cost=Difficulty/modified.
  2. lronman

    Things that go through my head, but are better left unsaid, in the thread.

    We can't change the community or the rules how which it is managed. But I hear you. We have to deal with things the way they are.
  3. lronman

    Help Orcs quest step ..Have at least 2 rally points

    The more only make the Orcs chapter easier to complete. You could do it with one and take forever....but why?
  4. lronman

    From Elvenar on Facebook April Fools?

    Sorry, I had to laugh at that.
  5. lronman

    Help Orcs quest step ..Have at least 2 rally points

    You will end up needing 4 minimum, so build them either way.
  6. lronman

    Practically Ironic*

    Sorry for a late reply, you're right. That is unusual. But, here, I would expect it. These forums aren't exactly normal or fair ^ ^
  7. lronman

    One Word Reply Game

  8. lronman

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    three score that =)
  9. lronman

    What options are available to avoid O & G

    Like the new pic @Azkaban
  10. lronman

    Practically Ironic*

    It happens more often then one might think. It happens here at least once a week ^ ^
  11. lronman

    The Elf that Buyed her way unto Heaven

    Did I post my story in the wrong area or something? Sorry if I did, my apologies. -Iron
  12. lronman

    The Elf that Buyed her way unto Heaven

    After many sad days, a sad writer, can write the best sad story. So if you're the happy type, find a happy thread where you fit. But if your heart hurts, and your mind tries to remember better days, Then maybe, we share that much in common... Tears are not material. You know what I find amazing...
  13. lronman

    One Word Reply Game

    Daft Punk? (Can I use two words? or is that cheating?)
  14. lronman

    The Dark Age of Elvenar

    Many of us seen this coming, and it finally happened. This is what happens when moderators play favorites, and big guilds squish little guilds. It's nothing new. It happens all the time in other game worlds. But I was hoping it did not happen to Elvenar. Unfortunately, it has. Rest in peace...
  15. lronman

    Add More neighborly help Options

    We need to be able to help our friends in battle, directly through neighborly help to barracks. Like all good ideas, this will probably be dismissed. I am actually giving up on Inno Games due to the fact. But if you want to keep your players...make good changes... Another thing. Neighborly help...
  16. lronman

    Is anyone actually dropping $50 for new building sites?

    Did you know blue circles make red circles if you buy into milk products =) -Get real people. You're being way too picky.
  17. lronman

    Enemies Remain Damaged After Combat

    Which you also have to pay. Again, I see no issue with it. It simply improves play for new players. If a player is willing to lose all those units, let them win. lol
  18. lronman

    Changing Scouting Costs to Effect Current Negotiation Costs

    I have no idea why the current Reduced Scouting Costs do not also lower ALL negotiation costs, including the current ones. That is just stupid. I seriously thought it would, and had been all this time. Because that is what makes sense. The purpose is to reduce the costs. Not be sneaky about it...
  19. lronman

    Reduced Scouting Costs failed to work properly

    Hmm I'm going to make a suggestion in the suggestion section about this, Thanks again.
  20. lronman

    Enemies Remain Damaged After Combat

    I see nothing wrong with that, personally. I see it as an improvement to the current combat system. Afterall, you're still paying for the units ^ ^