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Search results

  1. Kataphractos

    Four Girls and a Guy is looking for Fellows!

    I would think the Fellowship's name is given in the title, and its location must be Sinya Arda, because it's in the Sinya Arda sub-forum.
  2. Kataphractos

    What is this building called and its purpose?

    There's a few other Wonders that put similar decorations on that cliff. I know the Sanctuary/Monastery (depending on whether you're playing Humans or Elves) is one of them.
  3. Kataphractos

    Mike and Mack Economics 101

    But there's a second error, which is more fundamental. Aboard the good ship Elvenar, the captain does not set the ship's course. He has superior officers -- InnoGames in this case -- and they're the ones who decide whether his destination is Prosperity Bay, or the scrapyard. They have authority...
  4. Kataphractos

    Mike and Mack Economics 101

    The analogy is...not ideal. Firstly, because if Elvenar is a ship, it's not an ore freighter. It's a riverboat casino. The captain (Mack/the devs) does need real money to keep his boat running; that much is absolutely correct. He earns this money not by taking in physical goods from outside...
  5. Kataphractos

    Hello Greetings from a Razer Fan

    My condolences, regarding your grandmother's passing. As for Elvenar -- hopefully your visits to the forums will help you navigate the game. If you're an "optimal builds" style player, you've certainly come in at an interesting time, what with the upcoming changes to how Tournaments work.
  6. Kataphractos

    Hello Hello again

    I'm a little late to the party, but -- welcome back!
  7. Kataphractos

    Active, new member (Plank Boosted) Looking for a Home

    I'm honestly surprised nobody's picked you up yet. I run The Weeklies, and although we're not "active on a near daily basis" -- it's kind of our whole thing -- I can ask around my neighboring Fellowships and see if they have any openings?
  8. Kataphractos

    Active, new member (Plank Boosted) Looking for a Home

    Hello! It seems like you have some previous Elvenar experience, is that right?
  9. Kataphractos

    Hello 1kittycat1

    Good morning!
  10. Kataphractos

    Young Elven settlement seeks Fellowship

    Welcome to Elvenar! I sent you a message -- it should be in your Inbox, on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  11. Kataphractos

    Hello Finally decided to play

    Welcome to the game! Remember that all the ways to get free diamonds are very slow, so you don't want to spend them recklessly. Your best investments are in land expansions (they're technically called "city expansions" in Elvenar), followed by an upgrade to your Magic Academy, followed maaaaaybe...
  12. Kataphractos

    Hello CHEERS!

  13. Kataphractos

    Hello Hi ya all

  14. Kataphractos

    Hello Salutations!

  15. Kataphractos

    Hello A Late Hello

    Hello Henroo! How are you liking the game so far?
  16. Kataphractos

    Hello Curious about fellowships

    Hello Nolats! Welcome to the game!
  17. Kataphractos

    Noobie looking for a mentoring FS

    Welcome to the game! I sent you a message.
  18. Kataphractos

    Discussion The May Celebration Event Discussion

    I did get some seeds from this latest version of the e-mail. Thanks again!
  19. Kataphractos

    Hello Long time coming...

    Hello, EndGame! I hope your fellowship is doing well!