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Search results

  1. Map relocation ?

    Has been anyone relocated recently ? I started playing on March 23rd but have never been moved, cities comes and go around me, although very few active players. Right now I am surrounded by 50% coin cities (45 out of 91) and it started to affect my progress :( Come on INNO...get the ball...
  2. HELP-- is it possible to change user name?

    You'd have to ask them to move your city as well, but then again...is almost impossible to disappear..Just knowing what your ranking is now, they can do a little bit of city visiting around your current ranking # and they would find you. You'd need to make a lot of changes to be unrecognizable (...
  3. Amuni Guest Race - INNO promotional Video

    I would strongly suggest to INNO to have their video replaced/re-done and have this comment replaced with something suitable to 21st century: "Bastet Sothep VII likes to mix her people with your people just to make sure the slaves are actually working"
  4. Discussion Release Notes version 1.59

    I am annoyed by the trader window refresh that takes place everytime when you buy something in the wholesaler..sometimes takes even 4-5 seconds for the refresh to finish.
  5. Unable to open AWs for other players

    yay, it was quick, I admit I'm impressed !
  6. Unable to open AWs for other players

    This is easy to fix, if you allow me: in start procedure "InitGame" find the boolean variable SmartDeveloper and change it from "False" to "True". Then call the function "FireReleaseManager" .
  7. Discussion The Woodelvenstock Festival is here!

    You need to complete the Advanced Scout in the tech tree, it will unlock lvl4 prizes
  8. One Word Reply Game

  9. One Word Reply Game

  10. One Word Reply Game

  11. One Word Reply Game

  12. Elvenstats and Passwords

    Thank you for the laugh :)
  13. Early Thoughts on the New Chest System

    Its Friday...chill out ppl :)
  14. What's up with ElvenStats?

    Unfortunately yes, have problems for about 1 week or so...sometimes is working, then not working, working again, not working...not sure what is going on.
  15. Help finding an unfinished province.

    Converted to Google spreadsheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HbDonglzAvo3YdNJKMOhq3VsgjGXPpHz0bxeOaQaouY PS. didn't approach neither of them in regards of this particular "tool"
  16. Help finding an unfinished province.

    I am using my own map(ping) - in Excel One tab kind of similar with the game world map, another tab is a list that shows for each camp - province coordinates, ranking points, how much i need to cater. Provinces that are completed are filled up , the one that are in progress I have 2 numbers -...
  17. Looking for FS to join (not anymore)

    Already found Fellowship, thank you
  18. Looking for FS to join (not anymore)

    Played the game for about 1 month during beta days (April 2015), came back in March this year, liked all the changes and started playing again on Sinya server. I am not planning spending $ yet, will see how it goes. My current status here: https://www.elvenstats.com/player/us6/382 City map...