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Search results

  1. lronman

    The Elf that Buyed her way unto Heaven

    After many sad days, a sad writer, can write the best sad story. So if you're the happy type, find a happy thread where you fit. But if your heart hurts, and your mind tries to remember better days, Then maybe, we share that much in common... Tears are not material. You know what I find amazing...
  2. lronman

    The Dark Age of Elvenar

    Many of us seen this coming, and it finally happened. This is what happens when moderators play favorites, and big guilds squish little guilds. It's nothing new. It happens all the time in other game worlds. But I was hoping it did not happen to Elvenar. Unfortunately, it has. Rest in peace...
  3. lronman

    Add More neighborly help Options

    We need to be able to help our friends in battle, directly through neighborly help to barracks. Like all good ideas, this will probably be dismissed. I am actually giving up on Inno Games due to the fact. But if you want to keep your players...make good changes... Another thing. Neighborly help...
  4. lronman

    Changing Scouting Costs to Effect Current Negotiation Costs

    I have no idea why the current Reduced Scouting Costs do not also lower ALL negotiation costs, including the current ones. That is just stupid. I seriously thought it would, and had been all this time. Because that is what makes sense. The purpose is to reduce the costs. Not be sneaky about it...
  5. lronman

    Enemies Remain Damaged After Combat

    I got my brother into the game and one of his first complaints was: "I just fought these guys and they are already healed?" His point was, if you lose a battle you already lost units in that combat. And especially for new players, this stinks. Once damage has been done to enemies on province or...
  6. lronman

    Reduced Scouting Costs failed to work properly

    Hello Folks, I just unlocked a new chapter and got another one of the reduced scouting costs techs. No problem, it lowered the scouting costs. But the later part that followed: Also lowers negotiation costs and enemy army sizes DID NOT WORK. I know, because I wanted to see how much cheaper they...
  7. lronman

    Undo Button - Undo last action

    This is a feature that would be really appreciated by anyone who ever accidently deleted a building, and most of the Code is already there. It would be a nice way to recover from a mistake. Just a thought.
  8. lronman

    Combat System - New Formation Bonus

    Hello there, One of the things I admire the most about Elvenar is the combat. Here's what I was thinking: On the first turn, you place where your five squads start on the left hand side. Heavy melee units provide a small defense bonus to any unit either within 2 spaces to their flanks or to...
  9. lronman

    More /Who Commands

    Hello, I would like to see more /who commands offered as there are only three= /help /who /whisper Here's what I suggest: /anon (a command that hides your online status) /fellowshipboost (a fast display of total boosted goods in guild) /fellowshiplog (a fast display of the members who logged on...
  10. lronman

    Help I need to file a formal complaint

    How do I cantact upper management who is in charge of the moderators or in touch which the developers? The harassment and unfair moderation of playing favorites has gone beyond the line of acceptable. And I need to speak to someone in charge.
  11. lronman

    Elvenar Daily Quests - Alternate Repeatables

    Just another bad idea of mine that will probably get flamed. That never stopped me before, and it won't now ^ ^ Elvenar Daily Quests - Repeatables that you will get very bored of very quickly, but you can actually earn 20 diamonds everyday. (1) Log in - 0/1 (2 diamonds) (2) Complete an...
  12. lronman

    What's your favorite boost/building?

    Hello guys, gals, half-elk centaur dudes, and giantfolk, This is a fun thread, just wondering what people's favorite boosts and buildings are ^ ^ And to lighten the mood. I'll start. Mine now is the Father Tree of Candy Canes ^ ^ Not just because it's really good, but because without it, I was...
  13. lronman

    Surprise Attacks

    Surprise Attacks - The advantage you want to have, the advantage you don't want the enemy province to get! You couldn't negotiate Surprise Attacks, but they should be relatively weaker then the normal attack of the same province type. Surprise Treasure - A small reward you find once in a while...
  14. lronman

    RNG Needs to Scale

    Carried this over from the Winter Event Feedback. There were too many distractions there. The current system is broken. Unless Inno really wants players to have 60 14-hour boosts or 16 frozen fountains, something needs to be changed. More so, the current system lets someone walk away as a loser...
  15. lronman

    Arena - Optional Province Vs Province Combat

    Hello friends, Topics similar to this have come up many times in the passed, so I already know some players aren't interested. I also know some people do not like change, even if it were good change. The Province Vs Province system would be entirely optional, and for minimal awards. More of a...
  16. lronman

    Formal Apology

    I'm writing this after a couple hours of thought, some private mail, and the words from someone that has become a friend. I could let this die down without saying anything, and it might be forgotten by tomorrow. But that wouldn't be right. It was pointed out to me that some of my comments were...
  17. lronman

    New Religious/Faith Lounge

    Even if I'm the only guy that plays Elvenar and believes in God, I would love to see this section added. This section would be free of the no-religious chat forum rule. But all other forum rules would be respectfully followed and enforced. I think it's a shame that even mentioning God is...
  18. lronman

    New Forum Section - Fellowships

    We currently have server sections, broad, and it's almost too broad. Too generic. Can we add an Additional Section per Server Section only for Fellowship Threads? The current chat only logs the most recent 100 messeges, and when you're in a good active guild, that can be as little as an hour...
  19. lronman

    The City Depths (Undercity Mini-Games)

    Hello guys, gals, elves, centaur-looking elk-people, and giantfolk, Perhaps sometime in the future, when there is the time to develope such a thing, I was thinking of an activity to pass the time while playing Elvenar. Using the same grid, same lots which you have above ground, you would get...
  20. lronman

    Tolkien is Recruiting

    Tolkien is looking for more daily members who enjoy conversation and growth. We currently have 3 spots available for players boosted in Steel, Scrolls, Crystal, or Elixirs. We're a laid back guild with only one rule, stay active, and do visits (part of being active). We are currently in the top...