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Search results

  1. Lyinaral

    crafting pet food

    If there is already a thread on this I apologize, cause I haven't seen it. We have so many pets that need to be fed in order to get the most from them, but pet food doesn't show up in my magic academy very often, or if it does, it is when I am off line either when I am asleep or gone from my...
  2. Lyinaral

    changing FS

    Is there a waiting period for changing fellowships.
  3. Lyinaral

    Game down (resolved)

    I can get into Beta but not the live worlds, a friend who got on earlier hasn't had any problems with the live worlds. Hope they get it fixed soon am going to be so behind on event if they don't
  4. Lyinaral

    Fellowship Adventure Poll

    Our FS is small only 8, we combined 2 FS about a week or so before the FA, So this was our 1st FA. We have 2 or 3 big cities the rest are small or just starting. We had 2 or 3 that had just started playing the game. I was real proud of our members, everyone worked together, & put their badges...
  5. Lyinaral

    An "Active City" tag for "Recruiting Purposes"

    I think the ideal is good, especially when you are trying to find new members for your FS. When I started, I didn't know much about the game, so joined a FS to get help, but got into a FS that didn't help their members, I was ready to quit, then I lucked out & got invited into a good FS, that...
  6. Lyinaral

    Elevenar Friends is looking for members

    We are a new Fellowship with just 2 members. Our cities are small, but growing. I have played for 2 years in another world, there I am in Amuni My friend started a city here in Winyandor, so I started one to help him learn the game. Would welcome any player, right now it is a laid back FS , We...
  7. Lyinaral

    Hello Hi new to this world.

    I started here in this world several weeks ago, had applied to several fellowships with no answer so started my own. Elevenar Friends. It is for people that want to play, have fun & grow at your own pace. I have been playing the game for a couple of years in another world. But wanted to see...
  8. Lyinaral

    Quest Thread

    I am in Elementals, have started on the 3rd row of research, but the side quests are still showing Halfings quest, when does it change over to quests for Elementals ? Does anyone know ?
  9. Lyinaral

    Discussion [Archived 02/2020] News from Beta

    I have tried the link that you posted and it says page not found Elven Architect
  10. Lyinaral

    Size of cities around you

    I will say that even tho I can't trade with some of the smaller cities, they are very good about visiting my city, & I return the favor. I try to visit all my neighbors at least once a week, but don't always make it. The only good thing about visiting the smaller cities or the ones that are no...
  11. Lyinaral

    Just wondering why we tolerate cheaters?!

    I am in a Fellowship that gets the 10th chest every week for awhile now, but we work very hard to get it. We share information about troops & if someone needs goods if they have to cater, we help them with that. We work together in tournents, events & FAs. otherwise you get no where. When I...
  12. Lyinaral

    Size of cities around you

    I am in elementals in the 3rd row of techs. I started playing in April of 2018 & I have 350 provnices completed. Sill they are mostly small cities. That & some of them don't play often or have even left the game, but their city is still there. I would welcome new cities in my neighborhood if...
  13. Lyinaral

    Did produce (x) on workshops get removed?

    Thanks for the pictorial, as to were it is, but nope I don't have it yet.
  14. Lyinaral

    Size of cities around you

    Most of the people on my trader want my unboosted goods, that I have a hard time getting & they want to give me my boosted goods in return, so to me that isn't doing me any good. Now if if is a very small trade I will take it to help out a smaller city. I also have people that want to crosstrade...
  15. Lyinaral

    Size of cities around you

    I just wondered if anyone has the problem I do, the biggest percentage of cities around me are mostly small, that or they have the same boosts that I do. Cities so small you really can't do any real trade with them, because of it, I mainly have to trade with people in my fellowship. It would be...
  16. Lyinaral

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    I have been playing for over a year & this is the worst ran event I have even had, the mermaid one was ran better than this one, I have to agreed with the one that said they thought it was a cash drive event, trying to get people to spend cash to get more keys, the unreasonable amount of day...
  17. Lyinaral

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    I read in one post to let yall know what I think of the Autumn Event. Well here it is, This is the worst event that I have had since I started playing. Back to Back quests that take a day or longer to complete not just once but 3 or 4 of them in a row & if you are lucky you might get a simple...
  18. Lyinaral

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    I am almost to the end of halfings, this Autumn Zodiac is no fun, I had toolboxes, started them then the next morning, they had changed them to advanced tools, then got toolboxes back to back. This will make the 4 scout, research or 15 VV, in a row. I won't use or buy diamonds to hurry them...
  19. Lyinaral

    Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!

    Thank you for holding this contest. I am enjoying the game very much, Would be nice to win the diamonds, would use them to get an expansion as I am going from Dwarves to Fairies & understand you need more space. Thanks again.
  20. Lyinaral

    Server Errors

    I am having multiple problems, the game will kick me off, change the size of the screen on its own. When typing in chat it will all of a sudden go back into what I have already typed & put what I am typing there. I can be typing & all of a sudden it will take me to either research or the world...