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Search results

  1. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    The game is better now than it was before. The spire adds a new level of complexity, and you can see the massive growth of the folks who do the spire each week versus those who don't. The spire rewards make the crafting a powerful advantage. The tourney will still be hard for some and easier for...
  2. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I guess I am a little hardcore (reading the forum for info probably means you are more than casual). My FS loves to do tourneys and we love to set "records" for scores. Still, the tourney difficulty has not kept up with all of the cool new tools - Fire Phoenix, Brown Bear, Simia Sapiens and...
  3. Discussion Embassies

    This chapter has made my current heavy workload (and therefore fewer game visits daily) much more costly. I will slog through rather than move rapidly because of that. I guess it is payback for the times I gained on people by playing more. Thanks everyone for all the info!
  4. Help AW rankings

    My Golden Abyss provides me 83,909 population. It will get more useful to you the longer you have it. As for waiting, tournament focused cities get tech locked more and can dump some KP into their own AW or in a KP pool in the Fellowship. The highest magic residence (so far) is 5X4 and "only"...
  5. Discussion Release Notes version 1.101

    Note that you can only contribute to FS members or discovered neighbors. You can't randomly donate to anyone. Thanks for this update. It is very good.
  6. Discussion Spire of Eternity feedback

    Update on previous comment. We are in US-4 and have joined the FS that got to the top. The change in the diamond rewards was good for us. If the FS hits the top, then the certain diamonds have gone up. The Expected Value on the random ones has changed little but the variance is down with more...
  7. Like to get top rewards for hitting the top of the spire?? Enjoy tourneys?? Like to have fun and share tips and knowledge?? Join us

    Commonwealth is a group of players who like to play the game regularly. We chat and have fun. We also like to do well. And we love that people have other important things to do besides just play Elvenar. We worked up to getting 10 chests and now have done it well over a year straight. We love...
  8. [Archived 4/2020] News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    It is probably healthy for those of us at the end to have to balance limitations for a while again. That is pretty much the challenge of the game. That and finding new things to grumble about, and new ways to get around them.
  9. Discussion Spire of Eternity feedback

    We are on US4, and one FS makes it every week. Not a top ranked one, but they are organized. We are 2 members down and will hit top with spire players coming in. We are really close. Doing the whole spire definitely pays off for us in terms of instants etc. and mostly in crafting in Magic...
  10. Want to get rewarded for your efforts and have fun too? Spire and tourney active players needed.

    We get 10 chests in tourneys each week and want to hit the top spire rewards. If you like playing regularly and would like to get the rewards and growth with it, consider playing with us. Commonwealth is now number 4 ranked. We mostly joined when we were small and grew together. We are a true...
  11. Active spire and tourney players wanted. Planks or Crystal are a nice addition.

    We just opened a second fellowship (Commonwealth II) for some folks who did not want to get to the top of the spire regularly. So, now we need some replacements to get us up to the top weekly. We are a chatty active bunch with very little drama. 10 chests for the last year and a half and...
  12. Discussion Multiplayer Spire of Eternity feedback

    Is anyone in a FS that finished the FS rewards? We have been close, but we have not done it yet.
  13. Top 10 Fellowship (and 10 chest) seeking 2 daily players who love tourneys

    We recently had a player stop playing the game. Enthusiastic new player needed. Tourney play is what we do best...and have fun.
  14. Top 10 Fellowship (and 10 chest) seeking 2 daily players who love tourneys

    We are looking for one member. Tourney play is key. Planks and/or Dust is a bonus!
  15. Top 10 Fellowship (and 10 chest) seeking 2 daily players who love tourneys

    one spot is open...we will open the other when that is filled. :)
  16. Commonwealth seeking 2 new members who play daily...and love tourneys

    We opened one of the 2 spots...........We now have a 53 week 10-chest streak:)
  17. Top 10 Fellowship (and 10 chest) seeking 2 daily players who love tourneys

    We have 2 folks who have to leave our FS due to health issues of one (they are a couple). We are sad to lose them, but it opens spots for others. We enjoy ourselves, go for ridiculous scores in tourneys, chat a lot, have the best traders, and help each other grow. Check us out and message...
  18. Thank you for the Birthday Unicorn

    Thanks for the Unicorn!
  19. Commonwealth seeking 2 new members who play daily...and love tourneys

    2 of our members are leaving due to health stuff. We are in no mad rush but would like to fill their spots...check us out in game or on elvenstats. Usual rules- do visits, play tourneys (we have made 10 chests 50 weeks in a row) and generally be helpful to each other Contact...
  20. What do you do when support says it is not our department?

    It looks like they did that for me. I didn't know that was a bad thing. I guess I will just play the game and not talk about it.