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Search results

  1. Game crashing

    HTML5 sucks swamp water. It causes my iMac screen to zoom in and out at random. You have NO IDEA how many items I've accidentally collected as a result and on occasion, it's made a critical (and unpleasant) difference.
  2. Discussion Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    I doubt you actually want to know what I think of this event, but here goes. This...thing...has taken the fun out of the Autumn event and made it a burdensome chore for anybody who's even trying to participate. I'm not sure what you were hoping to accomplish, but this random quest scheme is...
  3. looking for new fellowship (arendyll)

    We are a fellowship that provides friendship, fair trading, and exchange of knowledge and ideas! If you are looking to learn and grow, or have knowledge to share, this is the fellowship for you! We only ask the following five items: 1. That you visit all fellowship member 3-4 times per week...
  4. Delete

    Winyandor, us2 Hi! :-) Greetings from the leaky PuffinRaft somewhere on an ocean or very large lake in Winyandor…we’re not sure which, but since we can’t swim and we’re lost anyway, it doesn’t really matter. This is NOT a traditional FS. We’re a trading club and we don’t like rules. This means...
  5. Somewhat Laid back Fellowship Looking To Merge.

    We're looking for members.:) I'm not looking for a different FS. Good luck, though.