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  1. SeanElf

    Existing structures like stone arches

    At least in Elcysandir, I like some of the objects, like stone arches, that are already there when my city is first created. If I purchase an expansion with an arch on it, does it stay there? Does it disappear when I purchase? If it stays, can I remove it? Thanks!
  2. Do you know how to Archmage?

    Are you an Archmage? (or acting/shared Archmage/mage?) Did you know there's a Facebook group just for Archmages and Archmage business? Come share your tips, pick up some new ones, and network with other Archmages for even stronger fellowships...

    I am a new member. I love this game! One of the biggest struggles I have had is with battles. I have read and seen the number of complaints about inability to win a battle. I have complained about it myself. Now, I read how you made tournaments better, 4 instead of 8 (great idea) and a...
  4. Shellizzie

    How would you respond to this...

    I am a relatively new AM and one of our newest members has not been visiting (He has visited me once) or offering trades so I sent a message just feeling him out because as we know not everyone knows how to work within a FS. Here is what I sent: "Hello! Part of being in our fellowship is...
  5. Advice for new Archmages?

    I just got requested to take over a leader and need advise for boosting our group, getting group responses, finding/inviting members etc. I would appreciate any help! tarabella
  6. Last Log On Time Stamp

    I am an Archmage of a fellowship (Nescio), and I have been trying to find easier ways to assure that the members of my fellowship are logging on and completing their rounds. Now since my fellowship doesn't require DAILY activity, but instead Bi-Monthly activity, this is hard to find a solid...
  7. New Fellowship Archmage & Mage Ability

    I have a game suggestion I would like to put forth for discussion. I would like to see a new Archmage & Mage ability put into play. Our fellowship would like to start doing a "Fellow of the week" system where we pick 1 member who has done an excellent job and reward them for a job well done...