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  1. Arkadia

    The Cauldron is complete garbage... Change my mind!

    The Cauldron has been introduced for quite few weeks now. I just don't see the point of it, besides an extra clicker, but even for that it is pretty boring... to the point, that I even forget about it :(:oops: We had discussion about it within my FS, even talked to players outside of my FS...
  2. Tanis-Wulf

    Are you boosted in Steel, Scrolls and Elixer?

    If you are boosted in Steel, Scrolls and Elixer and have a score of 20,000 or above, we have a place for you. Mystic Dream Riders in Arendyll is looking for someone like you. We are an active fellowship who offers fair trades and daily neighborly visits. No slackers allowed. We will help you...
  3. The 9 Golden Boosted Combos

    I remember a couple of posts by @SoggyShorts and @Katwijk that listed the 9 possible boost combinations that are available on the world map. I have searched all day and have sent PM's but to no avail :( I know there is a way to see this on the world map but after work, my brain no longer...
  4. High Ranked "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" Seeks New Members

    We for sure have an Opening and perhaps another ! Hello Ruffe here- Our very Active, Fun, always learning, Daily Players Fellowship is seeking the same. All Boosts are welcome (except Dust-But for the right player i will adjust that) . Folks ,We are very active-we mostly Talk a lot, Learn a...

    Looking for Active players All Boosts - (except Dust ) Will adjust boost for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to Replace . Score around 30000 to All the way Up !! Our FS. is very ACTIVE -Friendly,Helpful and 98% ARE are Daily Players !!!! "BONUS" +AW kp`s...
  6. Useless Magic Dust Boost

    Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the "Magic Dust" boost?? I can't even give the stuff away!! I think I've actually used about 400-500 to open stuff on the research tree in the 6 months I've been playing, but that's about it. I put 100 dust for 200 planks in the trader...it's still...
  7. RANKED 11TH *Elvenar`s Protection* is Seeking -

    Looking for a Active player All Boosts - (except Dust) Will adjust boosts for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to match. Score around 30000 to 60000 pls. Our FS. is very active -friendly,Helpful and WE ARE are Daily Players !!!! "BONUS" +AW kp`s swap/strong...
  8. Unicorn Army

    Hey wonderful people! Are you a Unicorn or want to be one? Looking for: Active Players ranked 3500 or better, post Fair Trades, Boosting neighbors 3x a week or more. We have a really friendly group of players that love to help each other out! We want someone who will stick around and want to...
  9. How do you know your boosts ?

    i remember fighting and winning some boosts over time. Now, how do I know which boosts I have and how much ?