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city expansion

  1. Sunbeam cat

    Open City Expansions

    Hi Staff and Fellow Gamers like me :) I do not know if its a unique problem, but it has happen to me twice now and it is making me fairly frustrated. I update the City Expansion with knowledge points and pay for it, the message comes up that says I have a City expansion, I go back to the town...
  2. Aloura Dannen

    Diamonds purchase and costs incrementing

    So, I bit the bullet and bought a small amount of diamonds just to increase the land because I am not patient and was out of room which stunted growth. I thought I had it figured that I could get FIVE city expansions based on the initial cost of the expansion but unfortunately discovered that...
  3. cleverphox

    City Expansions after Main Hall Upgrade

    Game version: _v1.18.7-(f0301c9) (2016-11-23 10:27)_ Game world: _Arendyll_ Browser + version: _Internet Explorer 11.447.14393.0_ Flash Player version: _23.0.0.207_ Operating System: _Windows 10 Pro_ Screen resolution: _1920 x 1080_ Account name: _Cleverphox_ Humans or Elves: _Humans_...
  4. Hello New Member Question

    Hi, I've only been playing a day and am wondering if it's possible to relocate a city expansion once it has been placed. If so, I haven't figured it out yet and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks!