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  1. Spire of Eternity Sqaud size test

    Iv been doing a few tests lately in my two cities to compare a higher squad size vs lower squad size in combat. - Of course my ultimate first objective is to be able to do my 2500~ points tourney and all spire fighting.. and be able to fully retrain my army by the next weeks new spire/tourney...
  2. Fellowship Raid / World Boss fights / Sieges?

    You have a pretty neat fighting system, it'd be cool if you could adjust it slightly to create a new fight type that could allow your fellowship to raise armies and donate them to consolidate them in order to fight something larger that no single person could fight. I'm not sure if you'd have...
  3. (New) Combat System from Seasoned Gamers Perspective

    Note: This is my first Elvenar Forums post. I hope that the community is receptive to my at times blunt observations and ideas without any hard core trolling. My motives are pure; I simply would love to see Combat/Battle Meta changes as I am very passionate about combat. I began to play Elvenar...
  4. Invisibles in Combat

    This started several days ago and it is getting worse. First occasionally during combat my fighters or the opponent's fighters were invisible. The more often. Now most of the time. The red tile would light and I could see the opponent's troop size. But could not see the fighters. Difficult to...