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  1. How do you make Copper Coins?

    How do you make Copper Coins?
  2. The Dwarven Realm

    Hi Everyone, So I'm a bit stuck I think. In "Research" I have two KP completed quests but not enough copper or granite to complete it all the way. I am limited space wise and it takes those resources to upgrade and build. I don't see any way other than diamonds to get things moving. Is this...
  3. Gaelio

    Unable to collect copper

    I did report this, and the Elvenar powers that be said that I should try moving my copper factories around. I did this, and I also rebooted the game several times in different browsers. I still can't collect finished copper. Has anyone else had this problem?? Gaelio
  4. Copper Foundry Now Needs Diamonds?

    Heyla I logged in today in my game and the copper foundries suddenly need DIAMONDS to make copper? I did copper all the time before and it didn;t take them, and I can;t find any notes or info anywhere - what's up with this? I accidently used up some of my meager supply before I realized what...
  5. Trade or buy Dwarven / Fairy / Orc goods

    Dear Elvenar Team, It would help players a lot, especially if they are only half way through Dwarves or Fairies in the Knowledge Tree, if we could trade for or buy granite, copper etc. You would not need to create an extra Trader (Dwarven Trader, Fairy Trader) for trading for those things...
  6. Can I dump my copper mines after finishing Dwarven Ancient Wonders?

    I'm almost to the end of the Dwarves - yeah! I wanted to know if I'll need copper for anything (other than streets) after I finish the Dwarven Ancient Wonders tab in the Tech Tree. Or will I need copper to build the Dwarven Ancient Wonders? I couldn't find anything in the Ancient Wonders area...