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culture bonus

  1. Genefer


    Neighbors perform the critical functions of acquisition of non-boosted goods and the Culture Bonus. In fact, neighbors are the driving factor in both the growth of my city and the level of enjoyment I have while playing Elvenar. My observations of the myriad and powerfully effective influence...
  2. Illogical to lose culture when upgrading

    Maybe has been discussed before but I think it is illogical to lose culture points when upgrading a building. You upgrade to have a higher production, but are punished by losing culture points which affects the production rate. Surely upgrading shouldn't lose culture as your are in essence...
  3. Culture Breakdown Guide

    I didn't see anything else quite like this, so I decided to whip one up. I'll add to it if any changes are made or more pertinent data comes to mind. I hope in some way it can help people out if they have to re-plan or adjust their cityspaces. Item names are in all CAPS if they're PREMIUM - the...
  4. Neighborly help

    Did not receive benefits from neighborly help. I had whispering tree polished and did not receive the bonus in culture.
  5. [7866] Some building upgrades reduce total pop instead of increasing working pop

    I have updated this to include the requested environmental information. Game version: 0.30.2602-v0.30.2-(master) (2015-12-08 13:48) Game world: Arendyll Browser + version: Chrome Version 46.0.2490.86 m Flash Player version: Adobe Flash Player - Version: Operating System: Microsoft...