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  1. Sunbeam cat

    Open City Expansions

    Hi Staff and Fellow Gamers like me :) I do not know if its a unique problem, but it has happen to me twice now and it is making me fairly frustrated. I update the City Expansion with knowledge points and pay for it, the message comes up that says I have a City expansion, I go back to the town...
  2. Event Quest Giver Disappeared

    I had two quest-givers for the Solstice Event: Daily quest giver is still there, but the second quest giver disappeared. I'm afraid now I'll lose out on the rest of the Event. Never mind. I just found on another thread that I have finished all of his quests. There should be more quests for...
  3. Coins and Supplies Disappearing

    Hello - Last night, I got an error message and the game reloaded. When it finished reloading, I had lost about 50,000 coins or so - I was suddenly at 0. Then, today, it happened again - except this time I had lost all my supplies, several thousand, and was suddenly at 0. I had a problem the...