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  1. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    A Wish List

    My team (Tuatha DeDannann H world) has put together a wish list, things we would like to see in the game. Please be encouraged to add your own "wish" to the list! *An evolving/growing dragon! And since dragons love shiny things, the dragon should give us gold, crystals, gems and mana. People...
  2. 25 Ladies Laughing

    Hello All! Whether you are new or have been around a long time, we are looking for ACTIVE players that like to Chat! We believe the game is fun and our fellowship will be a group of folks that like chatting, helping others, and competition. Check out "25 Ladies Laughing" fellowship for our...
  3. Let There Be Dragons, Fighting and Fun

    1. In looking ahead, I was surprised to not find dragons. Are you going to have dragons? You could have dragon partners to help you fight, build, scout, feed, hatch, grow, dragon duels or battles with other players, the possibilities are endless. First you have to find and get the egg, then...
  4. Suka13

    Killgharrah (dragons who rule)

    Are you looking for escape, adventure and place for great conversation without Drama? Welcome to Killgharrah, Dragons who rule the sky, caves and the deep. We currently hold 6th place! We are currently in need of Steel, Planks, SCROLLS & Dust...but mostly ACTIVE players for our awesome...