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  1. The Dwarven Realm

    Hi Everyone, So I'm a bit stuck I think. In "Research" I have two KP completed quests but not enough copper or granite to complete it all the way. I am limited space wise and it takes those resources to upgrade and build. I don't see any way other than diamonds to get things moving. Is this...
  2. Dwarven Street and culture bonus

    Hi, This morning I have noticed that building one Dwarven Street doesn't give the right amount of culture. Try to see in on the pictures: 1. The costs and benefits of Dwarven Street: see 49 culture 2. My current culture is 15100 3. I place one Dwarven Street and receive 49 or 19...
  3. A question about Expansions

    Hi - I know you're building the game as we play, but I'm nearing the end of the chart and I'm finding that there are only two expansions showing but I have around 10 available spaces. Are you going to extend the game that far or is there some way I can get another expansion or two in some...