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  1. Shellizzie

    Does your FS have an overabundance of Elixer?

    Our FS has an overabundance of Gems and we would love to find a FS that we could work out trades with. Contact Shellizzie or Slamher in game and we will work out a plan that works for both of us!!!
  2. SimplyNoble

    Venedictos has openings

    Fellowship Venedictos is currently seeking a few new players. Planks Steel and Elixir are most desired but we welcome any active player who will be an active participant in visits each week and we ask that members do at least one negotiation (not even a full province) in each tourney. We welcome...
  3. Tanis-Wulf

    Are you boosted in Steel, Scrolls and Elixer?

    If you are boosted in Steel, Scrolls and Elixer and have a score of 20,000 or above, we have a place for you. Mystic Dream Riders in Arendyll is looking for someone like you. We are an active fellowship who offers fair trades and daily neighborly visits. No slackers allowed. We will help you...
  4. Mystics of Elvenar is recruiting!

    The Mystics of Elvenar is a fellowship built on trust, respect, assistance and friendship. We’re here to help each other grow and succeed. We are a great team and we work with our neighboring fellowships to increase teamwork and support through the quests and challenges. We are currently...
  5. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for a Good Trading Fellowship?

    Mystic Dream Riders Fellowship is looking for a mid to upper level player with a boost in Magic Dust or Elixer (on the third tier), Scrolls or Silk (on the second tier) and Planks or Steel (on the first tier). If you have a good production of these items and are an active near-daily player then...