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fellowship recruiting

  1. Aeritheon

    Avalanche ꧁Recruiting꧂

    ꧁Recruiting꧂ Search Fellowship Name: Avalanche In World: Sinya Arda On Server: US6 Welcome! We are currently recruiting to grow to full capacity. Open to joining for anyone! These are the only rules: 1. Courtesy and respect are required! 2. Trade how you prefer to trade! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ We are a low...
  2. Aeritheon

    Avalanche: Relaxed Fellowship Seeking New Members!

    ꧁Recruiting꧂ Search Fellowship Name: Avalanche In World: Sinya Arda On Server: US6 Welcome! We are currently recruiting to grow to full capacity. Open to joining for anyone! These are the only rules: 1. Courtesy and respect are required! 2. Trade how you prefer to trade! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ We are a low...
  3. Minkari

    Black Pearl Rising has 1 spot!

    Greetings, We’re a fun, top 50 ranked, fellowship, no-drama, helpful and we’re looking for 1 active player of any size. We promote active, fun and friendly players. We don’t mandate participation, but if you’re looking to just park yourself and not play, we’re not the place to do that. We reach...
  4. sambria

    Nightshade Risers JOIN!!

    Nightshade Risers is looking for 24 active ish members to join the fellowship. We are looking for members that are willing to help one another and are at least active 2-3 times per week. Neighbourly help is also very much appreciated and we do participate in events, Fellowship adventures...
  5. sambria

    Crimson Kingdoms - RECRUITING 1 member. JOIN FAST!!!

    We are looking for 1 member who is boosted in the following: - Scrolls :scroll: and or - Steel :steel: About: We are a friendly bunch and chatty as well, we like to have a laugh or joke every now and then, so don't be shy to have a convo with others. We are a family and support each other...
  6. joboxo

    Serenity seeking players

    Hellroon and Well Met! Serenity is an active fellowship with 3 openings. We: average 10 chests in tournaments consistently finish all stages of fellowship adventures provide reliable neighborly help have an ancient wonder KP swap message thread (totally optional) Have a nice day! Best...
  7. Aeritheon

    Relaxed Fellowship with Growth Mentality

    Fellowship: Sun Wolves Server/World: Sinya Arda Recruiting Member: Aeritheon Archmage: Shipslay Sun Wolves is currently recruiting! We are a relaxed Fellowship of 22 members with a growth mentality. Courtesy and respect are required. Regular and equitable participation is expected. Feel free...
  8. Rowanda

    Glinthawk, US6 Sinya Arda, is seeking active player

    Glinthawk is ranked 255 with bronze metals in the spire. In the tournaments we aim for 10 chests. We're looking for one player, hopefully boosted in marble, crystal and/or elixir who wants to grow with us. We have a great time and love to help all our members. Come join us! We're on Discord too.
  9. Chef Baker

    All skill sets, city sizes, and ages can join this fellowship!

    Natures Mtn is recruiting members! Click here for full description from @Lyinaral.
  10. Relaxed Daily Player - US1 Arendyll

    Hey everyone! Our fellowship Relaxed Daily Players is looking for active players! We are an active fellowship full of nice people who are always very helpful. We usually manage to get 10 or more chests in the tournament. Our only condition is doing daily visits to all fs members, posting only...
  11. Jiali

    The New Land in Sinya Arda - Now Hiring!

    Active, loosely knit bunch of undercover Elvenar fanatics who enjoy killing the tourneys and spire as much as just kicking back and chilling to an occasional visit. Join the chat, share tips and trades, grow your city or not. It's up to you! Join our awesome Ancient Wonder rotation, play in the...
  12. Lilliput - RECRUITING

    Lilliput is currently purging our ranks. We are seeking ACTIVE players to join us to regrow our fellowship. Preferred boosts = Marble, Crystal/Scrolls, Elixir/Dust We ask the following of players: * 3 visits a week min * No 0/1 star trades unless agreed upon prior to post. We will help newbies...
  13. Bethanne Rainbow

    Hello New Archmage

    I've been playing the game for about four years, been in my fs for three. Our Archmage decided to quit the game and asked me to take over in her place. I'm wondering how to recruit. Not sure where to start and we don't have many members left.
  14. The Rise of the Phoenix - Boosted planks players needed!

    The Rise of the Phoenix is a friendly and relaxed fellowship aiming to be a small community of supporting hands, making the game fun and enjoyable as we help each other grow and grant the rewards of events and tournament. We a have a big demand of planks and if you are a boosted plank player...
  15. Cayesavegan

    We need you!

    Fortunate Sons is recruiting and we could really use some players who want to trade and play the tournament. We've lost some of our active members and cut out the inactives. We're half full and could accept a small fellowship merge if anyone is interested. We reeeally need silk boosted players...
  16. Hello Hello!

    I am fairly new to the game and am brand new to the forum! I look forward to meeting people here and growing my fellowship! If interested, check it out. It is Kirusha Clan RECRUITING! in Winyandor. YogaGoober
  17. Shellizzie

    Extremely Awesome FS Land of Lights is recruiting!!!!!

    If you would like to be considered for our single opening, Send us a message with your boosts and why you think you would fit our crazy band of players. What we look for are ardent devoted (A little bit crazy) players who love to compete in the Tourneys and are willing to grow hugely :) We play...
  18. My Way or the Highway is Currently Recruiting

    WE ARE LOOKING FOR ACTIVE PLAYERS AT ANY LEVEL AND WE WILL BE DELETING THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN INACTIVE FOR TOO LONG. WE WANT PLAYERS TO: Make visits whenever you play to EVERYONE--this makes it fair and helps those of us that will be very small for awhile. Visits should be a minimum of 3 times...