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  1. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for a Good Trading Fellowship?

    Mystic Dream Riders Fellowship is looking for a mid to upper level player with a boost in Magic Dust or Elixer (on the third tier), Scrolls or Silk (on the second tier) and Planks or Steel (on the first tier). If you have a good production of these items and are an active near-daily player then...
  2. Shellizzie

    Land of the Lights is recruiting!

    We are looking for active players! If you have a boost in Planks or Steel please send an application and a message with your boosts us to be considered. We are a group of serious to casual friendly players who enjoy the challenge of the game and the camradere of working as a team! Fair trades...
  3. Shellizzie

    Why would you leave a FS without a word?

    There is the question. Why do you join a fellowship and leave a week later without a word to anyone and not respond to a message asking why you left?
  4. Malicorn Knights seeking active members

    You can search for Malicorn Knights, apply and I'll add you or comment below and I'll send you an invitation. I'm fairly new myself, I just started chapter II in Elcysandir. I still have a lot to learn in the game. I welcome newbies and experienced players who want to have fun playing the game...
  5. FS Khuzil (# 67) needs 6 members!

    Our Fellowship Khuzil is looking for new members that are willing to do neighborly visits 3-4 times a week, trade regularly (at +2 stars) and preferably have a boost in Steel, Silk or Elixir. Minimum score is 20K, but if you have at least 2 of the 3 boosts we need you can apply with a lower...
  6. Join Arcana LunixFire!!!!!!

    Hello! My name is GalaxyCross and I am Archmage of the Fellowship Arcana LunixFire. Welcome, I am happy to announce that I am a new Fellowship looking for new players to join...
  7. Build the Best

    Once upon a time in a mystical world in the land of Elvenar a fellowship was recruiting active elves and humans to form the Best Fellowship Ever. Beautiful cities flourished under this fellowship as the people of the land discovered the mysteries of Elvenar. Our purpose is to help our...
  8. Group Messages in Fellowships

    When a new member is added to a fellowship it would be nice if they could automatically see group messages that have been sent out. Maybe limit it to like the last month / week. Reason is I have several group messages that I just continue to add to for the fellowship. When new members are...
  9. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for Boosted Member Planks-Silk-Gems

    Fellowship Mystic Dream Riders is looking for an active player with boosts of Planks, Silk and Gems. We have two openings. Prefer someone who plays daily and has reached at least their second tier goods.
  10. --

  11. Shellizzie

    Land of The Lights is Looking for active Players!

    We are a group of friendly players who enjoy growth and playing the game. We help each other out and will help you grow as well! We are seeking an active player who will visit our cities often, at least 3 times a week. Fair trades are a must! We do not care what level you are but you must have...
  12. BizDani

    Join the Dragonwyk fellowship

    Dragonwyk is a fellowship of friendly competitors charging after our common goals. If you are a highly active advanced player or a growing player looking to advance rapidly while helping the community and being helped even more in return, Dragonwyk may be the fellowship for you. We are...
  13. Tír na nÓg is seeking ACTIVE players!

    Come join us in Tír na nÓg! Looking for 2 ACTIVE, friendly, drama free players! ALL applicants will be considered, BUT priority will be given to those boosted in: Planks, Silk & Gems! Your score isn't as important as your being active, but will give preference to those with a Ranking Score...
  14. Active Player needs Fellowship

    Hello! I'm new but I have been on every day since I started. I'm looking for a Fellowship that will accept me as a new player. It would be wonderful if a group with higher ranked players accepted me. I know you guys don't care for newbies but I'm pretty sure I am here to stay! I need a...
  15. A Court of Mist & Fury... Seeking members!

    A Court of Mist & Fury is looking for members! This is a new Fellowship, open to anyone. Lets be friendly, help each other, and have fun. Please be active if you are going to join. Thanks!
  16. Extended Trading using fellowship Chat

    After a year of play I discovered the obvious and decided to share this. You may do this already but i have never seen it discussed. You can expand your trading options with the help of your fellowship. Since now we have been moved this is even better. Post in fellowship chat what you need, and...
  17. N/A

  18. G.O.H. Seeking Members

    COME JOIN THE FUN in Winyandor Seeking members to join active trading, neighborly help, and development of boosted factories in an effort to develop and grow as individuals and as a group. Being active in the trader, and regular neighborly help is of primary importance. So we open our arms to...
  19. KonTiki

    Compute FS Rank

    How is FS rank computed? In general, is it an average or weighted average of FS players scores or is it a sum across all players in a FS ... or something else? Thanks
  20. Trading Post~is it still up n running?

    Haven't heard anything about the Trading FS for a long time and was wondering if there is still one? Thanks!