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  1. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre seeking 2 very active team players

    Now is your chance to join a winning team and reap the benefits of your efforts. We get 10+ Chests in Tourny every week and Gold in Spire at least once per month. We have very active KP and Rune swaps. We are always highly ranked in Adventures. This is a long established, DRAMA FREE, happy...
  2. Caribbean Kat

    Elven DragonFyre Recruiting Marble, Silk ACTIVE Player

    Want to grow your city while having fun with great Teammates? Our Den is the the place for you! 10 Chests or more EVERY WEEK. SILVER MEDAL EVERY WEEK, hoping to grow to GOLD very soon. TOP TEN FA every time but one. 6 VERY ACTIVE KP Swap Chains. Busy Trade Board. Generous Bonus Trade...
  3. Caribbean Kat

    Find your new home with a winning team before September FSA!

    Elven DragonFyre is the Team to play FSA with. We're organized and stressless and have a proven track record in the Top Ten. We put the lie to "FSA is no fun/not worth the efforts". We currently have two openings for well rounded players who enjoy FSA (Top Ten), Spire (Top Ten) and Tourny(10...
  4. Caribbean Kat

    ElvenDragonFyre needs 2 Soaring Dragons

    Are you ready to Fyre Up the upcoming FA? Come join us for fun and profit! See our ElvenStats and Overview Page for our history of success and our goals for continuing. Message me for consideration if you dare to ROAR with us! Caribbean Kat Archmage ElvenDragonFyre
  5. Ashrem

    Helping Your Fellowsip keep track of the correct path.

    This started in another thread here, but seemed like it might deserve its own. It may help your members to keep their paths straight if you adjust your FS Banner to match the colour of the current path. Your banner can be modified as follows (assuming you have a high enough rank to modify it)...
  6. Caribbean Kat

    Hot Spots Available in ElvenDragonFyre

    SEEKING 2 EXPERIENCED, ACTIVE, HAPPY PLAYERS. MESSAGE MAGES FOR CONSIDERATION TO JOIN if you are ready to SOAR! This FS strives to be competitive in Tournys, Spire and Adventures while working together to Grow Beautiful Cities and enjoy great...