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  1. Keepers_of_Light Seeking Active Playerr

    Hello Elvenarians! Keepers_of_Light is currently recruiting active players. Planks, Silk, Gems combination would be a plus, but not a requirement. Tournaments, the Spire, and Fellowship Adventures are encouraged, but not required. Keepers_of_Light is a competitive community, but not demanding...
  2. Cayesavegan

    We need you!

    Fortunate Sons is recruiting and we could really use some players who want to trade and play the tournament. We've lost some of our active members and cut out the inactives. We're half full and could accept a small fellowship merge if anyone is interested. We reeeally need silk boosted players...
  3. Mystics of Elvenar is recruiting!

    The Mystics of Elvenar is a fellowship built on trust, respect, assistance and friendship. We’re here to help each other grow and succeed. We are a great team and we work with our neighboring fellowships to increase teamwork and support through the quests and challenges. We are currently...
  4. House of Tintagel is recruiting

    Casual and fun! New players are okay, as long as you have at minimum a barracks and trader built and intend on sticking around to play. Visits at least twice a week preferred, more would be great! fair trades, sociable is a plus. We're here to help answer questions and help with friendly...
  5. Hard Grafters ranking 3 recruiting

    Hard Grafters are recruiting active members with gems, scrolls and planks boost. You can apply directly in game. Our rules: "Hard Grafters are expected to play daily and visit daily. Any fellow not playing for three days will be warned, and if they fail to play over five days will be removed...
  6. Fair Trade Builders seeking active member w/boosted gems

    We are an active, friendly, dynamic fs in world Khelonaar looking for a third tier player with gems. Our leadership is playing on several worlds and is experienced in making an fs great! If you have the boost mentioned above you will have trades galore. Please be willing to visit your team mates...
  7. Vendible Bards seeking active players

    All spots currently filled! Welcome to our new members! Will post again if new spots become open. For now, have fun and enjoy your game! :)
  8. Didn't get service credits from Workshop inKhelonaar

    Game world: Khelonar Browser + version: Torch Flash Player version: __ Operating System: Windows 7 Screen resolution: 1600 x 900 Account name: JeanG Humans or Elves: _Elves_ Reproducibility: _1_/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens...