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magic dust

  1. Looking for FS

    I joined a FS over the weekend only to discover that’s archmage along with half of the members seem to be MIA discovered through a thread in the help forum here. I’m not sure what’s going on there at the moment, one of the mages brought it in a thread. I’m currently in chapter 2 with only my...
  2. Ms Molly

    Active Player Wanted To Fill Our Ranks

    Minas Tirith - Tower Guard is looking for an active player who has one or more of these boosts: planks / crystal / magic dust. You do not have to be really big...chapter 3 or better is fine. We are a pretty young fellowship ourselves but have some very experienced players who have started new...
  3. It's a Wonderful Life recruiting

    We are currently looking for active members with magic dust boosted goods. Fair trades, Active in tournaments and Fellowship visits a must. We are ranked 304 and growing daily.
  4. City of Fairies is Looking For You!!

    We are a dedicated, friendly fellowship and are looking for players who are boosted in PLANKS, SCROLLS, ELIXIR and MAGIC DUST. Please check us out to see if we would be a good fit for you. If applying, please provide your boosted goods, both current and future. (These can be found in you Main...
  5. 13th RANKED "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" seeks New Member

    Looking for a Active player with boost in Steel/Planks-Scrolls-M.Dust/Elix. Will adjust boosts for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to match. Score 30000/40000/50000 only. Our FS. is very active -friendly,Helpful and Mostly - our members are daily players ...
  6. Lunitcs with Weapons

    We need marble, crystal, magic dust and gems if you have 1 or more of these things boosted and would like to join us, drop me a note. :) Kyttycat We are active people who visit at least three times a week. We set fair trades, a. k. a. 1 for 1 same tier goods, 1 to 4 ratio for one tier...
  7. Lunatics with Weapons

    We are looking for a player boosted in silk and dust to balance our trade. If you have these to trade and would like to join us please drop me a note ingame! :) Kyttycat We are active people who visit at least three times a week. We set fair trades, a. k. a. 1 for 1 same tier goods, 1 to 4...