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main hall

  1. OIM20

    Open Main Hall vanished when upgrading

    I clicked to upgrade to level 5 and it went >poof< Access details: Version: v1.134.2-(8655218) - html5 (2021-07-21 14:49) World: Harandar Browser: Firefox 89.0.2 (64-bit) OS: Win 10 64 Home Screen resolution: 2560 x 1600 Account name: OIM20 :elf: Reproducibility: 1/5 (happened once) Active...
  2. Highlight Boosted Goods as in the Main Hall

    Some of us, probably most, have more than a couple cities. There is nowhere to check to see what your boosted goods are when there. They are highlighted in the main hall, so I presume it is possible to highlight them in the Trader also, same layout. I for one, get tired of clicking out...
  3. Lost Main Hall Upgrade in progress

    I don't understand what just happened. It said something about the stream being interrupted and restarted the game. Suddenly, my Main Hall is no longer in the process of upgrading. Nor do I have a sudden windfall of money from canceling it (as I would imagine might happen). The other things...
  4. cleverphox

    City Expansions after Main Hall Upgrade

    Game version: _v1.18.7-(f0301c9) (2016-11-23 10:27)_ Game world: _Arendyll_ Browser + version: _Internet Explorer 11.447.14393.0_ Flash Player version: _23.0.0.207_ Operating System: _Windows 10 Pro_ Screen resolution: _1920 x 1080_ Account name: _Cleverphox_ Humans or Elves: _Humans_...
  5. Newbie Question: Premium Expansion?

    Under "Premium Expansion" it says I can "unlock more premium expansions by upgrading the Main Hall." Right now I can spend 450 diamonds to get it, but I don't really want to if I don't have to. My main hall is level 3 at the moment. Exactly at what level do I unlock the next expansion?
  6. Closed | Archived [8000] Production boosts not updated in Main Hall Relics tab until logout/login

    Game version: 0.31.2735-v0.31.1-(master) (2015-12-17 10:42) Game world: Winyandor Browser + version: Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 m Flash Player version: Adobe Flash Player - Version: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Screen...