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  1. Flags

    Could one please add the possibility to place some red and green flags on the map? When I'm making my rounds I want to be able to place a green flag on players who are active and returning the neighbourly help, so that if I'm ina hurry and can't do the whole map I can quickly scan for the...
  2. Some more ideas

    Fellowship manager: See all possible guild stats. Guild boosts and actual production. Take city snaps to share with guild and track visual progression. World manager: A full zoom-able hexagonal map, color coded by average city level/market activity. Save players in a list, that should appear as...
  3. World Map with rings

    Hi, I put together a fillable world map, so you can keep track of where you are in the world map, write in neighbor names, and mark which provinces are where. The one here is jpg format, and attached is pdf format.
  4. Finding Fellowship Members On My Map

    Is there some way to easily locate my fellowship members and see how close they are to me? I know I can see their fellowships on the map but I have no idea how far away they are.
  5. Show province distance from city

    I'd like it if when I hover on an unconquered province, the game would show how many hexes it is away from my city. The map only shows a limited amount of area and while the arrow helps, it's still time-consuming to figure out which provinces are in which ring. I'd like have the information...
  6. Battles becoming to difficult

    I play a good bit of turn based strategy games and feel I am not bad at them but here lately I am finding the battles in Elvenar frustrating and making me not want to play anymore. I cant get a feel for damage of the enemy, my troop size seems to always be to small( I have 130size right now but...