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  1. Fellowship currently recruiting

    The Seraphim is currently looking for new active members. Level is not necessarily important as activity. Please make application or send me, diamondjd, a message for more information.
  2. SweetCentral seeking active trading members

    Hi y'all! We're an easy going fellowship of friendly, drama free, active, and "teaching/learning" members seeking new members. We help each other with our experience in each chapter, and cheer each other on. Boosts in planks, steel, scrolls, and crystals are especially needed, but all are...
  3. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for Boosted Member Planks-Silk-Gems

    Fellowship Mystic Dream Riders is looking for an active player with boosts of Planks, Silk and Gems. We have two openings. Prefer someone who plays daily and has reached at least their second tier goods.
  4. City of Fairies is Looking For You!!

    We are a dedicated, friendly fellowship and are looking for players who are boosted in PLANKS, SCROLLS, ELIXIR and MAGIC DUST. Please check us out to see if we would be a good fit for you. If applying, please provide your boosted goods, both current and future. (These can be found in you Main...
  5. Tír na nÓg is seeking ACTIVE players!

    Come join us in Tír na nÓg! Looking for 2 ACTIVE, friendly, drama free players! ALL applicants will be considered, BUT priority will be given to those boosted in: Planks, Silk & Gems! Your score isn't as important as your being active, but will give preference to those with a Ranking Score...
  6. Shellizzie

    Land of the Lights is Still seeking new members!

    We have room for three (3) active players! Looking for boosts in Steel, Marble, Crystals, Elixer and Gems If you are looking for a fellowship that encourages teamwork, growth, Good trades and no drama, then we are the group for you! We are very easy going and most of us visit daily. Message our...
  7. Tradersrow

    WE are an active fellowship ranked 85 and we are looking for active members that make visits and trade their boosted goods.
  8. Freaky Traders

    Hello Winyandor Players,:D Our fellowship is looking to replace a few inactive members. We are a social, supportive, and active fellowship. Our fellowship expects members to do visits to all within the fellowship multiple times weekly (2 minimum) and to place only fair trades or better( 2-3...