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  1. spambrando

    Politically Incorrect AM Seeking the Crazies of Elvenar for NKA

    Greetings and happy post-Thanksgiving bloat! I led an alliance for over 5 years over at Game of Thrones Ascent and, TBH, I am not impressed by much of the leadership in THIS game. It's either too lenient or too stupidly strict/OCD. Or riddled with second and third accounts to fill out a roster...
  2. spambrando

    Politically Incorrect AM Seeking Same for NKA!

    Greetings and salad dressings! Looking for more players to join any one of 3, even 4 fellowships by the name of NKA. This lazy recruitment is taking place in Arendyll, Ceravyn, Sinya Arda, and MUCH less involved, in Elcysandor. So, this shoutout will be duplicated in the forums. These FS are...
  3. Chef Baker

    Finish The Lyrics!

    I go first: I'm holy, holy, holy, holy i'm ________!
  4. Chef Baker

    Favorite Singers

    Alright, this thread is pretty self-explanatory.
  5. Music Variety for Mobile

    Music Variety for Mobile (Sorry if this was already addressed anywhere. I searched the forum, but didn't see anything related to this). Summary: Add more background music to mobile (such as exists when playing on PC) Details: I had -completely- forgotten that Elvenar had more than one song...
  6. What's On Your Playlist?

    Rather than just a list of song names and artists... post the video you have playing on your YouTube playlist while you watch paint dry in game. NO explicit videos... keep the filtered content to yourself please. We do have "youngsters" here. And please, no full albums, or solicitations to...
  7. This soundtrack, though!

    I'm very new at this, so I don't have much feedback about the gameplay itself, but I keep finding myself just keeping the game open so I can listen to the soundtrack in the background. (Which is probably why I keep focusing more on my human city. Elves are compelling, but the human music is more...