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  1. Genefer


    Neighbors perform the critical functions of acquisition of non-boosted goods and the Culture Bonus. In fact, neighbors are the driving factor in both the growth of my city and the level of enjoyment I have while playing Elvenar. My observations of the myriad and powerfully effective influence...
  2. can not see neighbors that joined tournament

    based on the scores in the provinces that I conquered in the tournament that started today, a lot of neighbors must have joined in, but I can not see them
  3. Flags

    Could one please add the possibility to place some red and green flags on the map? When I'm making my rounds I want to be able to place a green flag on players who are active and returning the neighbourly help, so that if I'm ina hurry and can't do the whole map I can quickly scan for the...
  4. Tracking the dead player purge in WINYANDOR

    If your interested in what is happening in WINYANDOR, The dead player purge/goldmines and new added players you will want to look at and follow https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/neighbor-removal.2778/page-4#post-18537
  5. Tournaments and inactive neighbors

    Is anyone else disappointed in the dependence on nonexistent neighbors in the tournaments? As usual, Inno seems to have made the incorrect assumption that we have active neighbors. I have only one tournament province open where there are three of us fighting. Mostly it's either me and one other...
  6. Tournaments

    Someone suggested, in the "Tournament" thread, that it would be nice to see what neighbors were playing in the tournaments.... Would it be possible to show that on the world map, say, something that is similar to what everyone sees when they open a tournament. Just make the icon a different...