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  1. Irish City Fellowship seeking new members

    Want to play but don't want the drama? Check us out
  2. Seeking New Knights for CAMELOT

    I am seeking new players or Current Players who Seeks to be apart of something new and to gain Glory and Notice of Fame as a Knight! Join us and must know at least one Code but eventually will know them all! The King of Camelot The Knights Code of Chivalry and the vows of Knighthood The Knights...
  3. Seeking Knights for CAMELOT

    The CAMELOT is seeking Knights to rage war for the Glory for the Kingdom of CAMELOT! Join me and let's see the Adventures and be able to bring Home the Glory of our Victories! Must also be able to recite the Codes of the Knights! The Knights Code of Chivalry and the vows of Knighthood The...
  4. SweetCentral seeking active trading members

    Hi y'all! We're an easy going fellowship of friendly, drama free, active, and "teaching/learning" members seeking new members. We help each other with our experience in each chapter, and cheer each other on. Boosts in planks, steel, scrolls, and crystals are especially needed, but all are...
  5. G.O.H. Seeking Members

    COME JOIN THE FUN in Winyandor Seeking members to join active trading, neighborly help, and development of boosted factories in an effort to develop and grow as individuals and as a group. Being active in the trader, and regular neighborly help is of primary importance. So we open our arms to...
  6. Seeking new fellowship (40k+ score / 1687 rank)

    Hi - I am in a fellowship but hoping to find a better fit. A lot of kids and inactive accounts in the current one. I've been playing for a few months and my score is just over 40K with a 1687 rank as of today (in Winyandor). Steel, crystal and elixir are boosted. I am an Elf. have 8 active...
  7. Nights of Andoria - Newly formed seeking members

    [Nights of Andoria] is a newly formed fellowship seeking officers and active but casual members. We’re going to keep it simple to start. Visit other members multiple times per week to give cultural bonuses, builder bonuses, etc. Trades should be made equitably to help us grow. New players...