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  1. Looking for FS

    I joined a FS over the weekend only to discover that’s archmage along with half of the members seem to be MIA discovered through a thread in the help forum here. I’m not sure what’s going on there at the moment, one of the mages brought it in a thread. I’m currently in chapter 2 with only my...
  2. Mystics Of Elvenar - US Felyndral

    Mystics of Elvenar on US3-Felyndral is searching for 4 active players to join our friendly & helpful family. We are a fellowship built on trust, respect, assistance and friendship and to help each other grow and succeed. We offer an Ancient Wonder round robin (KP share club), and weekly updates...
  3. cleverphox

    Defenders of Justice Fellowship looking for active members with boosts in Marble,Silk and Gems

    Requirements for membership is to be active, do neighborly visits EVERY DAY you log in and when doing trades they must be a minimum of 2 stars.
  4. Mystics of Elvenar is recruiting!

    The Mystics of Elvenar is a fellowship built on trust, respect, assistance and friendship. We’re here to help each other grow and succeed. We are a great team and we work with our neighboring fellowships to increase teamwork and support through the quests and challenges. We are currently...
  5. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for a Good Trading Fellowship?

    Mystic Dream Riders Fellowship is looking for a mid to upper level player with a boost in Magic Dust or Elixer (on the third tier), Scrolls or Silk (on the second tier) and Planks or Steel (on the first tier). If you have a good production of these items and are an active near-daily player then...
  6. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for Boosted Member Planks-Silk-Gems

    Fellowship Mystic Dream Riders is looking for an active player with boosts of Planks, Silk and Gems. We have two openings. Prefer someone who plays daily and has reached at least their second tier goods.
  7. edeba

    Keebler's Elves needs wood, steel, scrolls, silk, tier 3 even

    We have 5 spots available. Ideally planks, steel, scrolls, silk and tier 3 fairly even. We are very short on planks and somewhat short on steel. We are need scrolls and silk, with scrolls needed the most. Level 3 goods seem to work out fairly well, maybe a little uneven towards magic dust...
  8. Seeking a member boosted in Planks, Silk & Gems

    Fleur de Lis is currently seeking a player boosted in Planks, Silk & Gems but will also welcome those boosted in Planks, Silk or Magic Dust Please kindly respond with a brief message of boosted goods, # of days active along with any questions to you might have to poetic journey. Thank you in...
  9. Hard Grafters Too

    We have 3 place free we are looking for players with these boosts. Marble, crystal, potions, silk, gems taking even newbies if they have these boosts. We are friendly talkative and lots of trade guild. Welcome.
  10. Lunatics with Weapons

    We are looking for a player boosted in silk and dust to balance our trade. If you have these to trade and would like to join us please drop me a note ingame! :) Kyttycat We are active people who visit at least three times a week. We set fair trades, a. k. a. 1 for 1 same tier goods, 1 to 4...