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sinya arda

  1. Shadow Wolves -- 10+ chests -- several openings

    Shadow Wolves is looking to grow its membership. We would love to have more player interested in high achievement in Tournaments (we consistently get 11 chests and want more), Fellowship Adventures (we are a top fellowship for that), and Spire. In addition to continuing to progress in our...
  2. Two Vacancies in the Goodfellows

    With a fond farewell to a member who is retiring from the game, the Goodfellows now has room for two new players. If you are an active player looking for a top 25 fellowship, with a friendly group who avoids a lot of pesky rules, please do check us out! We always earn at least 10 Tournament...
  3. Rowanda

    Glinthawk, US6 Sinya Arda, is seeking active player

    Glinthawk is ranked 255 with bronze metals in the spire. In the tournaments we aim for 10 chests. We're looking for one player, hopefully boosted in marble, crystal and/or elixir who wants to grow with us. We have a great time and love to help all our members. Come join us! We're on Discord too.
  4. Jiali

    The New Land in Sinya Arda - Now Hiring!

    Active, loosely knit bunch of undercover Elvenar fanatics who enjoy killing the tourneys and spire as much as just kicking back and chilling to an occasional visit. Join the chat, share tips and trades, grow your city or not. It's up to you! Join our awesome Ancient Wonder rotation, play in the...