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spire rewards

  1. ionelle

    Spire - Multiple choice for Final Chest

    I would like to suggest that when we reach the top of the Spire we have a multiple choice option for the prize. I feel if we've made it that far we've had heavy losses in troops and goods. A choice of a magic building, or troops replenished or goods or an enchantment or even an artifact. My...
  2. sam767

    Restart: Re-balance spell fragments (SF) between GW and HH. Re-balance SF in Lab to 0%

    Polls Opened: July 20th This is a restart of the prior unrecoverable thread. As I came to fully appreciate the elegance of Ashrem's suggestion to manipulate probabilities, I made it an integral part of both parts of the suggestion. The recommendation has 2 parts: 1. Re-balance the spell...